10 thoughts on “Cheap DIY acoustic guitar pickup

  1. I have done pretty much the exact same thing back in the 80’s when I was a poor and couldn’t afford to buy a nice electric acoustic that I dreamed of at the time.

  2. I have on occasion wound electric guitar pickups. I also played around with piezo pickups also. I simple little diy transistor based pre-amp (to fix impedance) makes a world of difference on a piezo pickup, and does not add much cost.

  3. The fact that it works doesn’t surprise me, but with no preamp and a piezo of average quality, I can’t believe how good it sounds.

  4. i did this with a piezo element from radioshack for my violin, it amazed my jazz group whenever they heard it. (plus it’s fun to go around telling people you built your own pickup)

  5. Nice, I will actually try this one. I bought some pile of crap one for 7 dollars a while ago thinking “how bad could it be?” It really exceeded my expectations for crap.

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