No laser? Get your laptop etched for free!

Want to get your laptop custom etched… for free? During the next couple of months, I’ll be giving away some free etching sessions. How do you get one? Just submit a fresh new hack via the tips line. If it makes the cut and gets published, you’ve got a chance to get your laptop or gadget etched in this 45 watt epilog laser cutter. Here are a few guidelines to help you win:

  1. Make sure it’s fresh. Use google for 10 seconds to make sure it hasn’t been published on a major blog already.
  2. Make sure it’s got a picture – everybody likes a good visual aid.
  3. You’ll be more likely to win if you’re submitting your own work.

Good luck!


  1. drew says:

    what would you get etched into it? and yay 1st comment

  2. McCheese says:

    Can you etch plastic? I want to get my eeepc done.

  3. dualdflipflop says:

    Can we see results of your etchings as you produce them?

  4. I’ll be putting up examples as I have them to show off. Right now I’m waiting for someone to pick the image for that powerbook…

  5. DarkAxi0m says:

    Remember Kids.
    Etchings are for life!

  6. Sean says:

    or at least for the life of the laptop, which usually is only a few years anyways.

  7. joey y says:

    Yeah, etching a laptop is more like a piercing… You are stuck with it for a while, and if it is unusual/different, get used to people doing a doubletake.

    But if it is what you want, it is all worth it, right?

  8. Marty says:

    #5 and #6 – For AL and Ti PowerBooks, replacement (used) shells are a dime a dozen, and the outer surface is paint. Can anybody say “niche business model?”

  9. elliott says:

    so let me get this straight, if i submit a hack and it makes front page. i get my laptop etched for free? or is this a raffle type thing where a front page hack is a ticket…

  10. “If it makes the cut and gets published, you’ve got a chance to get your laptop or gadget etched in this 45 watt epilog laser cutter.”

    If it gets put up, you’ve got a shot. We’ll pick a recipient every week or two. – every 7 to 14 days. If it gets put up, you’ve got at least a 1 in 14 chance.

  11. elliott says:

    ah, thank you.

  12. EvilD says:

    Damn, I would love my laptop to get etched.

  13. noaccount says:

    Is it possible to purchase some time on the table, and what are the maximum dimensions of the piece

  14. AnthonyG says:

    Hmm, i got a couple hacks ive been meaning to post. I dont know how the Navy would take it, if i got my laptop etched lol.

    Would definitly be badass lol *submitting later tonight*

  15. chr0n1c says:

    yo i made a nifty pic that would look sweet on the back of that mac lappy if you only engraved the black lines and scaled it to center up with the logo already on the case… link below! (link is to a coppermine gallery in the backend of my website.)


  16. Chaoss says:

    being as though its a MAC in the machine couldn’t you set it to cut

  17. Oh man, I’m am sooooo getting etched. I just need a few more days to put together the video…

  18. Frogz says:

    hey everyone….
    i got a use for a laser
    that is both what i need etched
    AND my submission to the contest to etch
    heres a photoshop of my idea…

  19. DJax says:

    What would it cost to etch. I don’t have any hacks at the moment but would like to get my MBP done to distinguish it from all the other ones at school.

  20. tek says:

    While we are on the topic, where is a good place to get measurements or a template for preparing an image to be sent to an Epilog? I know a guy locally who has one and has done some tests on old Acer lids.

    And for those asking… most place I have found are charging $30-40 to do it.

  21. Tek: $30-$40 to do what exactly? Everyone I’ve seen doing laptop work is charging on the order of $100-$150. For normal, prepped jobs I can see it being cheaper. Small gadget work is usually $30-$40 that I’ve seen.

  22. dash says:

    I used to be pretty handy with a pen and paper now I just hobby paint paintings on canvas and work in IT/IS, I do have a few sketches that would be cool etched into a laptop -top

    etch this

  23. totic says:

    I have a laser cutter in my lab, and a mac book pro, any idea, on the settings, or what do you think is the best way to work on this?

  24. Ian says:

    I was curious what type of software your running this machine through.

  25. Orikata says:

    go to (it is in France).
    He uses the same laser.

  26. Alex says:

    Sorry first post, this one is up my alley.
    @23: A high wattage laser cutter is likely going to be too powerful. If your laptop is metal, you will need a YAG, if plastic then other varieties such as CO2 would work as well.

    My first stab at an anodized metal part would include the following:
    -beam movement speed of 600mm/s
    -Power equivalent of 7-7.5 CW Watts
    -Repetition frequency of 30kHz (for low-value resonance chamber)

  27. reggy says:

    so nice pic, free Satellite view of my House ( your house) here

  28. yasir ali khan says:

    i need laptop

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