Scavenging a WWVB module from an RC clock

[Chris Kuethe] shows how to scavenge what could be a pricey WWVB module from a radio controlled clock. WWVB is a special radio station in Colorado that transmits an atomic-clock-derived signal to RC clocks. The clock model he uses, the Atomix 13131, goes for less than twenty bucks. He also shares the link to another tear down of a Sony branded radio controlled clock for similar purposes. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to obtain a WWVB module, the scavenging method could be the thrifty solution you seek.

(Disclaimer: A sticker for an event I organize is in the background of the photos, it’s not meant to be there as product placement.)


  1. Awesome… this goes perfect with the Nixie clock build that was just posted. now where is the hack with the MCU code to interpret the WWVB output into easily usable data.

    nixie + atomic clock = head aspolde

  2. monster says:

    the third is just a little too obvious fabi. we’re on to you! lol

  3. Jon Miller says:

    YA this + a Nikie clock would make a fantastic build. I would so build this if someone had a kit or had great directions made up.

  4. N0QBH says:

    I’ve put together a similar project that uses a WWVB receiver module that can be purchased from DigiKey for about $11. A PIC 16F628A micro decodes the data stream, outputting the date and time to a 16×1 character LCD display.
    The instructions, code and schematics at:

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