Hack a Day Fail Whale Contest

We’re back! There may be a bit of oddness for the next few days. Our Fail Whale contest is still running and we’ve received over 100 entries so far. Here’s how you can participate:

While we’re adding more hamsters to our server power plant we thought we’d hold a little art contest. Whenever Twitter goes down, they post the iconic Fail Whale. The Fail Whale has become so popular that it has spawned a dedicated blog and many many art projects: embroidery, tattoos, and laser cut models.

We want to see what you think Hack a Day failure looks like. Create an illustration, photo, sculpture, anything that you think embodies Hack a Day failing. Send your entries to hackaday.fail@gmail.com and add them to the Hack a Day photo pool. The prize is $100 for you to spend in the No Starch Press store. Entries are due 00:00PDT Saturday September 6th 2008.

[image: Bjonnh]


  1. eliot says:

    this is a test comment

  2. Spork says:

    That fail whale picture in this post is awesome.

    I’ve been keeping up with them since the site went down.

    Those were sad days…

  3. AntiMPAAman says:

    we want to see what you think hack a day failure looks like:

    Yep, that about sums it up.

  4. tyler says:

    did we do the impossible? yes, yes, they did! “powered by wordpress”

    wow, finally! so, is hack-a-day now officially independent from aol media and blogsmith?

  5. Bjonnh says:

    Here is the XCF file (done with GIMP) :


    You may want it to hack it :p

    Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

  6. Gabriel Dibble says:

    I love the photo above!

  7. surrealight says:

    That was a quick contest. Who won?

  8. surrealight says:

    That one went quick, who won?

  9. Xeracy says:

    I hope it was me! :D My fail banner made it on for

    the announcement of the ending of the contest. I

    even got cited! Thx HoD!

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  11. Ananth says:

    can anyone hack this lovedogs94@gmail.com

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