Reliable instructions for OSX on the EeePC

We have run many EeePC hacks before. Like most people, what we really want is a Mac netbook. The folks over at Wired have written up some nice instructions to help you run OSX on your EeePC. The process is a little involved, so don’t expect to just pop in a disk and be home free. There are a few setbacks though. No flash support, hardware F-keys don’t work (volume, brightness, etc), and ethernet doesn’t work. WiFi works but only with a third party driver/app.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. CalcProgrammer1 says:

    Just installed OSX 10.5.2 on my HP Pavilion dv9700t laptop. It’s a great OS, though the Intel A/G/N WiFi card I have isn’t supported, which really kills it for me (can only use it when I’m in my room where there’s Ethernet).

  2. tsurugi says:

    Assuming that “most people” want a Mac (netbook) ? I say, what has become of this site?

  3. Matt says:

    It’s called a Macbook Air.

  4. Alex ~ says:

    Does anyone have a good comparison between the Eee Pc and the MSI Wind? I need a cross reference of features really.

  5. mewse says:

    no sound support is a pretty huge deal-breaker.

  6. pip says:

    “I say, what has become of this site?”
    REALLY, really sucks doesn’t it?

    I miss the good ‘ol days..

  7. steve says:

    Well I don’t know about you guys but when I had a mac; it ran linux f’ macs anyways all they are supposed to do are look pretty and last 2 years. I’ve got a dual core Athlon64 toshiba laptop running gentoo and I love it so much more then any of the 3 osx macs I’ve owned.

  8. joe says:

    “Like most people, what we really want is a Mac netbook.”

    Welcome to I think you mean “Like other people that prefer Macs and want a netbook, what _I_ really want is a Mac netbook”…

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    pip’s just unhappy because his “tie your own shoelaces” hack was rejected.

  10. matt says:

    shhhh… don’t tell the apple-o-philes, OSX is BSD… (only with a custom display manager and some proprietary software). Their hardware (the brushed aluminum stuff not the plastic monstrosities) is nice though if you can get past the anti-clone policies and can deal with light up logos.

  11. Coderer says:

    @matt: For the price of a MacBook Air, you can get like 8 of these. My biggest question is, how does it perform? I mean, I’m sure you can tweak some settings down, but I tried running OSX way back when on a G3 desktop and it *crawled* — it was unusable. I think the specs on a EEE are probably even worse…

  12. Nitori says:

    The lastest Eeepc uses an Atom with is about as fast as a 900Mhz Celeron so yes it is likely about as fast as later G3 ibooks but with a crappier video card.
    But I found OX more then usable on an upgraded beige G3 mac so I guess it would run faster then Vista or even XP.
    But I have found the X86 version of OSX a little more memory hungry then the PPC version.
    Though Vista and XP can be made fast and light using nlite and vlite.

  13. Wwhat says:

    If nothing works would it not be simpler and useful to install XP or linux with an OSX background/theme? Same look but more functionality.

  14. lolwut says:

    > mewse
    You should really read the article sometime:

    “Many users report success with cheap USB audio dongles.”

  15. Jash Sayani says:

    Nice. Even has a very good guide.
    BTW, Like the 901, is Asus going to add HSUPA to 1000H ?

  16. antiver says:

    is there anyway to get one of the newer releases of OS X? (i.e. can you update kalyway past 10.5.2 or something?)

  17. Luc_Besson says:

    why does a small dual-core [and yes they are dual core before you say anything] 1.6ghz Atom translate to a fat 900Mhz Celeron?

    oh yea thats right, it doesnt.

  18. rich says:

    im locked out of my eeepc via the password how can i get around this

  19. Mikuro says:


    They do, actually, the atom cpu’s in the current eee’s are not dual core, they have hyperthreading which allows for better multithreading (and causes it to show as two ‘cores’ in a lot of programs, like windows task manager). The celeron cpu used in the older eee’s are more effecient per clock and match up quite well with the 1.6Ghz atoms.

  20. Mikuro says:


    if you mean the BIOS (bootup) password:
    Try taking out the power connector and battery for a few hours or overnight, this seems to have worked for some people. []

    if you mean an OS password:
    try google to find help on your particular OS, or simply reinstall it. (or email me, at

  21. obz says:


    take it back to the person you stole it from and ask them.

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