Art From Code: Generative Graphics

[Keith Peters]‘ blog Art From Code is devoted to his beautiful graphics from computer source code, also known as generative art. Although [Peters] is reluctant to reveal his source code, algorithmic graphics can be created with the help of tools like ActionScript, Flash, and Flex. There are some great tutorials that can start you on the path to making your own evocative art.

[via Neatorama]


  1. Adam Ziegler says:
  2. kurf says:

    Hmmm…where’s that old copy of MATLAB?

  3. sly says:

    fractint anyone?

  4. nrp says:

    My personal favorite is Context Free Art. It is (sort of) a scripted recursive fractal generator:

  5. devin says:

    My 2003 senior art show was ‘images from code'; I’m glad to see that the genre neither began nor ended with me.

  6. Gordon says:

    I have an old roomate who is doing a lot of work with scripting and code generated images. He uses rhinoscript and has made a lot of progress. I am attaching his link not only because his work is great but also because he tends to put a lot of his code up freely and wants people to use it.

  7. smd says:

    also try java based processing:

  8. Doug says:

    The Electric Sheep project is quite stunning to see.
    The project animates and evoles fractal flames, randomly merging aspects of the code (art) from it’s parents, to create entirely new works.

  9. comankh says:

    cmon guys,

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  11. Art says:

    Superb Great art work buddy :) keep it up

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