Rovio Teardown

[Del] sent us what might be the first in an expected plethora of hacks on the Wowee Rovio. He was annoyed by the poor lighting for Rovio’s camera so he cracked it open and started hacking. He found there was just enough space for a couple LEDs in the head. The most difficult part of this was apparently running the wires for power into the main body of the rovio. He said it took him around 30 minutes just to snake the wires through the neck. The final result is best seen in the comparison pictures of rovio looking at Wall-E.

5 thoughts on “Rovio Teardown

  1. Id like to see some one use the LED headlight hack for the rovio use Relays instead of LED so things could be set off Like a little Nerf Missile, or stronger lights from a different power source but swithced on via the relay from the light Web interface. Also thought of an idea where an Magnetic read switch is used to switch on some bright lights. You could have a magnet on the base station. As soon as the rovio is moved out of docking the read switch would close and make contact, lights come on.

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