Geeky tree ornaments

tree-ornaments3 has some ideas for geeky tree ornaments. This is a great way to add some personality to your holidays as well as recycle some of that electronic junk you have laying around. From RAM stars to floppy disk ornaments there are certainly some quirky ideas here. They would make great last minute gifts for someone who can appreciate your nerdiness. GeekAlerts also has a couple interesting ideas too.

6 thoughts on “Geeky tree ornaments

  1. My tree currently has old circuit boards, old processors, some toy robots, M&M Star Wars characters, a 24 volt relay, some old stick of RAM, a disco ball… in addition to the “regular” bling and baubles.

    The relay is the only new one this year, everything else is carried over from christmas past.

    Two years ago my tree was Darth Tannenbaum

  2. Wow, I can’t belive it’s almost Christmas! Time for white snow, snowmans, sleds, santa, cookie, and everything else! Thanks for the post very Cool and keep them coming!

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