7 color hand held laser projector


[rog8811] sent in this really cool hack where he used the optics sled from a PS3 as a foundation for a 7 color hand held laser projector. Combining a green laser, a blue ray laser, and a red laser, he is able to produce a variety of color  including white. There are step by step instructions on how to make a multicolored laser. He then goes even further, showing how to integrate this into a hand held projector with pre programmed patterns. You can see some examples of the different colors and patterns in this video.


  1. AJ says:

    Video no worky.

  2. clockfort says:

    video worky just fine, aj. Flash plugin much?

  3. Arthur says:

    It didn’t work for me the first time eigther. Try refreshing it. I think its just metacafe being moody.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    That’s some powerful optics ju ju right there. wow.
    super major

    video worky fine here.

  5. AnarKIT says:

    NoScript will keep the video from loading. Temporarily allow ‘mcstatic.com’ to allow it to load.

  6. Chris says:

    Me Likey… That is a really nice compact design..

  7. Bobz says:


  8. rog8811 says:

    Wow, thanks for taking this up :) If you want any further info I will be pleased to answer any questions.

    Regards rog8811

  9. happypinguin says:

    It is nice, but not truly a LASER.

    LASER is by definition a coherent
    source of collimated light.
    While the light is still collimated
    after mixing the three beams, it won’t
    be coherent.

    Anyway, the white beam is beautiful and
    I doubt he would like to use that for
    some serious applications.
    So, nice job! The three beams looks to
    be very well aligned, I must admit it
    is difficult to do that with that size
    constraints. I have to use expensive
    lab optics and supports to do the same

  10. Midnight says:

    Very nice :P

    I like the creativity of combining “salvaged” electronics.

    I noticed the ©2007 on the website roger, how long did it take to construct this ?

    Again… Very nice.

  11. rog8811 says:

    :)I only noticed the date after constructing the web pages, the laser and the website all put together in December 2008.

    Regards rog8811

  12. mike says:

    That is really cool, ‘scept I kind of think it might void the warranty on the ps3 to do that.

  13. spacewalker says:

    Impressive Young padwan. Your skills are getting better every day.

  14. EllisGL says:

    I wonder if you could use this for DIY Color Holography….

  15. natrix says:

    I don’t know much about laser diodes, but can they be hooked to a PWM? If they can, couldn’t you get WAY more colors with that setup?

  16. happypinguin says:


    No, you can’t. Like I said above, the
    white LASER beam is not coherent.
    You would need a phase modulator to
    correct the phase of the three beams.

  17. Grovenstien says:

    I like this alot!

  18. Chris says:


    Nice Setup and nice job on the alignment. It looks really good.

    For everyone else:

    Hey! You can modulate them you just need different laser diode drivers.

    The white beam is still coherent … just 3 different coherent beams in 1 space. Your eye mixes the colors and shows you white.

    If you used PWM you would need to use a really fast modulation frequency and/or maybe a DC filter on the output… as soon as you move the beam around you would get dots instead of lines.

    You can buy the PS3 Laser Sleds as a replacement part so you don’t have to take apart your PS3.

  19. natrix says:

    maybe some of the fibre channel stuff would be a good place to look for a rough pwm design, i’d imagine a commercial product would need to be able to switch really fast.

  20. bsa11 says:

    Can one purchase this laser from caleb kraft? Or atleast communicate about this amazing laser?

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