Autonomous game controllers

On the off chance that you want to program a microcontroller to play your games for you, you should check this out. Near Future Laboratories has made a dongle that can allow an Arduino to operate as a PS2 or PS3 controller. You can see the Arduino running a random path generator in Katamari Damacy in the video above. They wanted to see how long it would take to clear a room. It managed to get almost all of them in about 70 minutes, only missing those that you have to cross a narrow bridge for. Actually, this could be quite useful in allowing people to create alternative input methods. You may recall reading about their early progress back in June 2008.

9 thoughts on “Autonomous game controllers

  1. When it comes to autonomous gaming, I still prefer the “rubber-band-on-left-stick-wrapped-around-controller” method for Gran Turismo, mainly for endurance races.

  2. @morden: he probably meant a 360 wireless controller — that’s a proprietary format that I think uses encryption. That’s why you can’t buy a 3rd-party wireless 360 controller unless it uses some kind of dongle to present itself as a wired controller.

  3. This is a great post and its very creative indeed but if only you people would properly give cubefield a shot. Its a great game. Very addicitve and very entertaining to all age groups.

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