Autonomous game controllers

On the off chance that you want to program a microcontroller to play your games for you, you should check this out. Near Future Laboratories has made a dongle that can allow an Arduino to operate as a PS2 or PS3 controller. You can see the Arduino running a random path generator in Katamari Damacy in the video above. They wanted to see how long it would take to clear a room. It managed to get almost all of them in about 70 minutes, only missing those that you have to cross a narrow bridge for. Actually, this could be quite useful in allowing people to create alternative input methods. You may recall reading about their early progress back in June 2008.


  1. K1ngfunK says:

    When it comes to autonomous gaming, I still prefer the “rubber-band-on-left-stick-wrapped-around-controller” method for Gran Turismo, mainly for endurance races.

  2. make one that works on the Xbox 360… that would be a real trick.

    Neet concept though.

  3. Adam Ziegler says:

    Hmmm…. someone actually made a game about cleaning up a room.

  4. Morden says:


    Why? it is still a controller with a known format, no real trick to it at all.

  5. Motoma says:

    Now to Roomba’s concentric circle cleaning method to Katamari….

  6. Coderer says:

    @morden: he probably meant a 360 wireless controller — that’s a proprietary format that I think uses encryption. That’s why you can’t buy a 3rd-party wireless 360 controller unless it uses some kind of dongle to present itself as a wired controller.

  7. Cubefield 2 says:

    This is a great post and its very creative indeed but if only you people would properly give cubefield a shot. Its a great game. Very addicitve and very entertaining to all age groups.

  8. Guys try poptropica counterfeit island? its an awesome game and the cheats are all over the internet too :)

  9. Will says:

    Ha… thats awesome.

    I’ve never actually played this game but wanna give it a shot.

    Maybe this guy can program my vacuum cleaner :)

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