50 thoughts on “Bobbie teaches you about SSH tunnels

  1. I hope Bobbie and Skip, or whatever his name was, will post a video clearing up that whole quantum physics nonsense next! That Bobbie is a genius!!

  2. Posted for our comedy of the day, right? No doubt Bobbie was helpful to her target audience. Those who view that particular TV broadcast ministry.

  3. The other day i was hacking around thinking i was running port forwarding on my pop3 packets through ssh encrypted tunnels. turns out i got the port number wrong and ended up encrypting all udp traffic outboard through my router’s gateway.

    Wait…how did she forward all the traffic using a protocol when all she did was accidentally change the port (110?)?

  4. o.0 that was the strangest thing I’ve seen all day… And I just got done watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. lol

  5. ah but can she tell why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast cranch?

    i hope you all realize that you’re going to hell now that you mocked baby jesus.


  6. come on guy’s let em have some fun
    i thought it was amusing and think there should be space for tech humor at hackaday

  7. Wow. All I could think is WTF hackaday. Talk about disappointing. Who would think this would be a good post?

    Please don’t let this be a sign of more to come.

  8. “Agreed… I’ll quit reading if I see this again.” Grow up, you little dorks; it was a joke. A little humor never hurt anyone.

    HackADay, thank you for the damn good reads each day. As for the occasional bits of pointless humor, thanks for that, too… It’s good to remember that I’m human sometimes.


    wow. Im amazed those people had the wherewithall to operate the camera long enough.

  10. How is it that this post pisses everyone off, but the Bjork post was fine?

    They’re both pointless humor.


  11. Hilarious! By the way its not like they were telling you to repent and turn from your wicked ways, you cruel generation.

  12. I for one am really happy you posted this. Now I can integrate religion into every area of my life where I thought I was safe.

  13. I removed all the “I removed this site from my reader”‘s from my reader. Not even worth hacking their machines, since porn is widely available anyways…

  14. What a bunch of completely bloodless miseries a few of you have turned out to be… if this place ‘never’ had any fluff to laugh at it would be as dry as old boots – and if you’re gonna laugh at anything at all, purveyors of jebus seem like a pretty good place to start… ;-)


  15. I was hacking around, as I always do, and changed the TCP port SCSI monitor interface modulator and suddenly lost respect for hackaday.com.

    Seriously, wtf? Satire tag, please.

  16. OMG
    to all the ppl who cant take a joke go to church and then you will see why this was funny to the rest of us. i thought the old lady knowing tech was kinnda funny and kool. hackaday 2 thumbs up.

  17. very amusing, but who in the hell wrote the script? It was like someone had filled out a “networking” themed Mad Libs and just decided to give it to granny to read.

  18. @dan – Nice catch. I’m a web developer, so I don’t really do any networking. But, all the long complicated acronyms involved networking, so I ended up hacking together a script that was more about sounding geeky than being accurate.

    @johnny2bad – You nailed it.

  19. It is time for… Grandma Hack Off! That’s right, we have been training these young ladies day and night for the past year and now it’s time we put these… security experts?… to the test. We have taser canes, seeing eye walkers, and best of all, tricked out hearing aids so they can catch the latest updates on the antique road show. So get ready and don’t for get the Bengay!

  20. Nice one. Gramma Bobbie had me rolling. Second laugh I’ve had today, and the better of the two. The first one was when I drove by a dunkin donuts on the edge of baltimore. The only car in the lot was a city police car, and the fattest cop I’ve seen in a long time was standing out front. Classic.

    Granny spewing haxor speak beats fat cop at donut shop.

    Hands down.

  21. To all those that said they’re removing hackaday from their reader: it’s definitely your loss. You’re a complete tool if you think this is church spam!

    Let creators have a little fun and show their true character once in a while.


  22. set lurk off

    I watched the whole video in “o.O” mode.

    To all of you who said “remove me” Good Riddance.

    Hackaday wont be turning into ebaumsworld any time soon. They will continue to provide quality hacks. What is humor if not a social hack?


    set lurk on

  23. Longtime reader. First time responder. Just wanted to post a response in support of Hack A Day posting humor such as this. Good stuff. Religious or not.

    If you don’t like it, then leave.

    That is all. Carry on.

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