Nintendo DSi teardown


Now that the Nintendo DSi has been officially released in the US, the team at iFixit has worked their magic. That magic being: completely disassembling it. They found the new 840mAh battery to be much smaller than the DS Lite’s 1000mAh. The device features two cameras, but both are a paltry 0.3megapixels. They note that this is the first Nintendo device that they’ve taken apart that didn’t require a tri-wing screwdriver.

Many more DSi compatible flash carts are available now than our initial report in December, so you can pick up a Nintendo DSi for homebrew without worry.

[via iFixit blog]


  1. says:

    “first nintendo device that they’ve taken apart that didn’t require a tri-wing screwdriver.”

    Guess they never took apart a Nintendo Entertainment System.

  2. _matt says:

    afaik the N64, GC, and Wii all have a sort of hex screw, so I think they meant handheld…

  3. xoring says:

    Does anyone have a list of DSi-compatible flash carts?

  4. ArtemisGoldfish says:

    Here’s my list of DSi flash carts:
    Acekard 2i
    DSTTi (or something like that.)

    Annnnd that’s it. I already ordered my Acekard 2i, and I just bought the DSi today. (Microphone doesn’t work, but I don’t especially care.)

  5. Alan Parekh says:

    What’s up with the poor resolution camera? Every ad I have seen for this thing is showing the picture editing capability. I can’t imagine that a 2 mega pixel camera would change the price by much, they are being used in every cell phone you get these days…

  6. vic says:

    The DSi screen resolution is 256×192 anyway so it is pointless to think a higher resolution camera would do any difference.

    ArtemisGoldfish : some games like Zelda Phantom Hourglass require the use of the mic.

  7. Frank Zhao says:
  8. Del says:

    yeah, but the computer, or even iphone, you might send a picture to will have a larger screen

  9. Drew says:

    Does anyone know if the DSi USA versions are region locked for games? I live in Japan, and wanted to get a Japanese DSi until I heard they just got released in the US- there’s a fantastic Japanese game called “bimoji training” that teaches you how to most aesthetically and properly write Japanese with a brush- it comes with a special stylus.

    If that would work on a US version DSi, even with a special chip, I’d wait. Anyone know?

  10. mike says:

    The Nintendo DSi is supposed to be region locked.

  11. Alex says:

    Only the DSI downloads are region-locked. The DS games are not.

  12. Drew says:

    Since this is still recent news, I’ve been looking since I posted yesterday- there are indeed some articles stating what you said alex- things that are hardware dependant are region locked, but the games themselves aren’t, at least that’s what I’m hearing so far.

    So this is great news- I should be able to order my game from Amazon Japan or something, and play it on a US DSi, when I have more money! Yea!

    This was, in my opinion, a good move on the part of Nintendo (at least, if it holds). There are plenty of people who can understand Japanese abroad, and love games.

  13. Only the DSI downloads are region-locked. The DS games are not.

  14. Alpha says:

    I love how they kept the original Nintendo logo on the ARM CPU chip.

  15. daenris says:

    @_matt: can’t speak about the GC or N64, but the Wii definitely has screws that need a tri-wing screwdriver. You can usually manage to get it if you have a flat screwdriver that’s the right size to fit into one wing of the slot, but it’s much easier with a proper tri-wing.

  16. blizzarddemon says:

    @matt they weren’t even hex screws, they were a proprietary screw bit that the snes,n64, sega Genesis, etc used for security purposes. You usually have to go online to find the bit.

  17. Peniledik says:

    I’ve just putt a random memory card stick in my brand new DSi (sony card) and my DSi can now recieve radio transmissions.Also,the memory card allowed me to load all NDS and GBA roms… which is odd.

  18. DeathApproaches says:

    weird… I can load all the roms as if the games were original from a local-brand SD card named; Kurac-Pizda (KP)23i …it sells for like 5 EUR. Kurba from KP sucks big time.I suggest the 23i for all of you. go to google and search for Kurac Pizda 23

  19. james braselton says:


  20. Kibbitz says:

    Can i drag and drop roms or do i have to pay for them?

  21. whijapxican says:

    wut r all the different ds i hack crds ,and wut r the differences between them

  22. J says:


    Was wondering if some one has developed any software to run on a pc or wireless access point to “broadcast / bridge” pictoChat packages to some kind of public community for world wide chatting or similar. or to extend local DS games WW?

    I’m so unimpressed of those friend codes and the unavailability to chat/play and challange people from all over the world in games and chatting!

    Would be nice to have a messenger like sw and public chat rooms…..

  23. J says:

    Is there any DS game supporting multi users online, where you could chat and team up online in games?

    Would be fun if there was some kind of “SecondLife” or “Battle field” multiuser game

  24. know1 says:

    about the cameras..? would u be able 2 mod a better cam to the dsi..(more likely the outer 1 seeing the way its shaped)say 1 from a cell phone..we all have old phones…and ive got alot junky ppl i know that always have stolen cell phone they try to sell 4 $20 or $25 a pop..
    im just wondering if its possible..?????

  25. Free Gadget says:

    Thanks for the info… RSS feed added

  26. Chelsea says:

    Does the dsi need a speacial chip??

  27. Diyet says:

    Thanks a lot. it is really useful.

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