I need someone to explain this to me.

Dell Adamo teardown


TechRepublic and iFixit partnered to teardown Dell’s flagship notebook, the Adamo. The Adamo is positioned to compete directly with Apple’s MacBook Air. The Dell crams a lot of technology into a very thin frame and they use a clever locking system for the backplate to hide any screws. The built in battery has a longer life than the Air and an SSD comes stock. The team points out that the Windows logo is etched on the backside instead of the standard ugly stickers; apparently this took quite a bit of teeth-pulling to get approved. Check out the full photo gallery which includes the fetish packaging and comparison shots to the Air and Dell Mini 9.


  1. thejameshimself says:

    now to put osx on it!

  2. Maj says:

    Warning: Floating ads.

  3. cmholm says:

    Gizmodo has a review with great photos, the upshot being that 1) the adamo looks *great*, and 2) its graphics performance is considerably slower, a pound heavier, and costs more than a similarly equipped Mac Air.

  4. soso says:


    very nice


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