Rovio fire extinguisher


[Colt45] shows us some pictures of his Rovio fire extinguisher mod. Being a fan of model building, he built a new shell for the Rovio and mounted a halon distribution system to the top of it. He says he loaded some custom software for identifying and extinguishing flames, which he’ll upload eventually. We really wish we knew more, or at least had a video of it working. We’re a little bit surprised we haven’t seen more done with these things.

[Thanks Robert]


  1. Piippi says:

    That’s just funny as heck. “rovio” is finnish for pyre or stake.. so ‘rovio fire extinguisher’ is a bit redundant. :) (maybe it doesn’t like itself)

    cool build!

  2. pokey says:

    @hackaday: There would be a lot less spam here if you disabled links through usernames like LasVegasSunCasinoHotel did above.

  3. melt says:

    We’ve not seen a lot of Rovio hacks because they’re bloody impossible to drive in anything approaching a planned path! ;)

  4. blizzarddemon says:

    “We’re a little bit surprised we haven’t seen more done with these things.”

    On the Rovio yes, it seems really hackable..the freon however I’d shy away from…

  5. roshamboe says:

    out of all the cool nicknacks to hack you choose a fire extinguisher? you must have been really bored.

  6. roshamboe says:

    and what came up first, using the fire extinguisher as a jet pack or this, cuz honestly i think you woulda had more fun with the first one

  7. Dokument says:

    ummm.. Halon is highly poisonous

  8. Alecks says:

    Halon is similar to helium in the fact that it doesn’t react with anything in your respiratory system, it is NOT poisonous. Instead of your voice getting higher with helium, it gets lower with halon. Fun stuff!

  9. anon says:

    I’d love to hack a Rovio, holonomic drive systems are dead fun to play with (independent direction and rotation vectors? awesome!). The price, however…

  10. joe says:

    So where is the infrared array of sensors to track flames? Don’t see anything about how it tracks the candles/ knows when they are out. That will add several G’s to the build cost.

  11. Vae says:

    Is there a “halon” that is not a CFC banned from production? or are we giving this man props for making a robot controlled ozone depleter? :)

  12. Jonathan says:

    I think Halon is an unfortunate choice here.
    Its effectiveness as a fire suppressing agent is directly related to how much oxygen it displaces.
    It can infact be lethal.
    But thats just because its brought the oxygen concentration below that required for both combustion and conciousness.
    A mobile robot will never be as good at this as a fixed system.
    I’d really be looking for soething more like a powder system or some sort of chemical deluge system.
    Similar to those used to protect chip pans in restaurants.
    That way it has a chance of extinguishing a small fire.
    It would be a beter robot really if it carried a hose in from a tender outside the risk area.
    Then it could deploy water or a Aequous Film Forming Foam.
    That would be usefull.
    Humans coud still do it better though.

  13. Jonathan says:

    My mistake
    Halon also interupts the chemical reaction of the fire cycle.
    But I still think the robot would be unable to carry sufficent quantity for anything other than a very small fire.

  14. f-1 says:

    Using this around any humans could prove fatal as it removes all oxygen from the air. Rovio DeathBot!!

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