Maker Faire 2009


Maker Faire returns to the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. It’s “the World’s Largest DIY Festival”. We’ve been attending off and on since 2006 and you’re sure to catch many of the projects we’ve covered in the past. Be sure to stop by our favorite hackers that will be in attendance: mightyOhm, macetech, SparkFun, Liquidware, Jeri Ellsworth, Bleep Labs, Noisebridge, Ani Niow, EMSL, and Adafruit. If you’re attending, upload your photos to the Hack a Day Flickr pool and let us know what you see.

[photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid]

11 thoughts on “Maker Faire 2009

  1. Technically, the armour and it’s variants are called ‘Protect Gear’, and Jin-Roh is just one movie among the many Kerberos works.

  2. I will be there, look for the guy with the most beautiful wife, and the cutest daughter, that’s me!

  3. The makerbot is a low res toy. You would be better of carving your
    parts out of soap then casting them in resin.

  4. The cupcake from makerbot does not cast anything in resin. All of its parts are laser cut and it has a printing resolution of 0.1mm just like most other machines that spawned from the RepRap project. AFAIK no one from the RepRap community is casting parts in resin anymore.

  5. Nobody said it did cj. The layer thickness also counts toward the overall resolution and it’s very poor. It’s what like 1mm?

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