iPhone 3G S teardown


Already, both Rapid repair and ifixit have torn down the new iPhone 3G S, and phonewreck has provided some analysis. The new CPU runs twice as fast at 600 MHz and supports 720p video. They also found that the new 3 megapixel camera took better photos. Surprisingly, despite apple’s claims that the new phone has significantly better battery life, the battery itself has only 6% more capacity. Overall, not much has changed.

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  1. sean says:

    odds are there is little if no increase in battery life if thats the case with the increased CPU speed

  2. sharonthx1138 says:

    it’s crap.. there just now adding features that have been in other types of fones for years… Twice as fast, so you can open up the fart app in record speed.. Just wait and see, there going to be a lot of bricked 3g s

  3. david s says:

    anyone know anything about tethering being free with this release?

  4. tanveer says:

    i might aswell get os 2.0 its cheaper and also for free link exchange with me
    go to my site

  5. abbott says:

    hmm… no thank you… I love my HTC touch pro… already has the autofocusing camera, dont care much about the video (its a freaking phone, i mean come on, i dont want to be staring at a tiny screen watching videos), my battery life is fairly decent at around a day and a half of me using it on and off (will go for a week or more in standby), and oh yea… i already had cut/copy and paste. not to mention that there are hundreds of programs out there, and if i want to write something of my own, i dont have to jailbreak it

  6. therian says:

    abbott I have even older predecessor, ppc6700 which is like 5 years old and still outperform iphone

  7. tanveer says:

    u might aswell carry around a xbox as an exuse for an ipod

  8. Cena says:

    can u upload somthing related to jailbreaking Iphone 3GS . I follow ur site a lot and ur site have helped me in many issues…

  9. my girlfriend and i bought an iPhone on her 23rd birthday .. this is really a very cool phone but Nokia would be launching some new phones which are better than the current iPhone model

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