Solid state tesla coil


While researching solid state Tesla coils we stumbled across this old project. As you have probably guessed from the pictures, this coil is meant to actually play music. Knowing how to add eye catching flare, the coiler uses a Plexiglas frame turned light pipe; only to be complimented by an audio amplifier complete with graphic equalizer. There is a video of the coil in action on YouTube. We have covered singing tesla coils in the past. Other twists on the classics include the tesla coil guitar amp and a hand held plasm gun.


  1. Josasp says:

    Can’t view the video, not avalible in Sweden :( Damn copyrights.

  2. TegTX says:

    there is a much better example at

  3. jaxx says:

    I also can’t see the video, I’m from estonia :/

  4. Zorink says:

    I got to see this at the western winter teslathon 09. The audio quality is surprisingly good in person but recordings are a bit hissy. He had a similar audio system hooked up to multiple coils and a live band used them as amps (keyboard, guitar, and sax). More pics and videos on the forums at

  5. ☆☆☆SIKDIDIT☆☆☆ says:

    That has gotta be the biggest bug zapper EVER!
    I cant play video either; living in t0ostonedia. Wow hackaday really hurting from Chris’s recent departure. His contributions will be missed. Hackaday will continue, all will be well.
    sobbing and wailing sounds. ;)

  6. Jack says:

    Handheld “plasm” gun?

    looks pretty cool though.

  7. rohit kumar says:

    sent me some matar on testlacoil

  8. Mike says:

    These guys took it to the next level.

  9. Mike says:

    sorry, forgot the link.

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