Pinch control2: laser drawing

[atduskgreg] posted this cool looking rig.  That’s a batting glove, chopped up and equipped with a flex sensor and a pressure sensor. The end goal was to create a new method of drawing. You can see he’s interfaced with the servos decently. It seems fairly responsive and intuitive. Looking at his results though, make us wonder if all that effort was worth it. We would probably apply this rig to some kind of animatronics.


  1. Adam Ziegler says:

    I appreciate this, but I would like to see some photos the demonstrate the level of control he has over the device. The video gives me an idea… but is there enough control to produce simple shapes?

  2. Calebkraft says:

    it’s really hard to tell. This video would make you believe so, but his example images would make you believe otherwise.

  3. svofski says:

    To draw on a wall with a laser you need a closed-loop galvo scanner, everything else is too slow or too unprecise. Two servos, that’s way too unprecise even to draw with a pen, let alone with a beam on a wall.

  4. notonew says:

    judging by the drawing of the system on the project site: the builder needs to learn more about the “old” system of drawing before trying to make a “new” one.

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