libTISCH 1.0 released


[Florian] is proud to announce libTISCH 1.0 is finally ready for release. We told you about libTISCH just under a year ago and how it is a multitouch framework that factors more on the software side of things, instead of hardware for multitouch interfaces. A lot has changed including more widgets, more gestures, more hardware support, and some other nice features. If you’re looking into making your own multitouch surface, or making your own widgets for a multitouch surface – libTISCH would be a great place to start.

2 thoughts on “libTISCH 1.0 released

  1. Now I’m tempted to create multitouch-hardware and name it ‘badoom’ and make it use this as the software part. Why? I’d have a ‘badoom-tisch-based system’ :P

  2. Nice project, but unfortunate that you used th LGPL license.

    Can you please consider changing the license to either BSD, MIT or ZLib, otherwise the project might gather dust.

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