Movie mover: a mobile theater

[Electricunicycle] put together this radio controlled mobile theater system to amuse his neighborhood pals. It is a projector and what looks like an electric wheelchair base. He has managed to fit a decent sound system in there as well, which required a second battery. This is pretty cool, though we could see ruggedizing it a little more to be able to drive around in fields. He states “this is one of the faster movie theaters around”. This makes us wonder what the competition is like.


  1. Michiel says:

    Why not just get a old TV…? :|

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Michiel: trollfail

    Did you WATCH the video?

  3. darksim905 says:

    That is cool. Nice job. :)

  4. NicodeusBC says:

    Interesting but 90% useless. Also the bulbs in projectors aren’t really made to handle much jarring so he can expect to shell out $100-$300 bucks pretty soon.

    • Bern says:

      Exactly! I was wondering about how he’d protected the incredibly fragile bulbs. When they get hot a bump of the table can shatter them. I can’t even imagine how easily they’ll break driving over pavement.

  5. sander says:

    thatzz awesome man! cool..

  6. pod says:

    love the idea of movies on the move :)

  7. polymath says:

    hmm, strap a net book and web cam to it, add a wifi range extender to your home network and roll your face around the neighborhood. beats the hell out of jogging round the block.

  8. JJ says:

    I see several of these being automated with swarm turned loose in a field somewhere :)

  9. vec7or says:

    Bla bla bla, amp here, projector there, sub, etc etc – BAM, it moves O_O NICE.

  10. bbot says:

    >He states “this is one of the faster movie theaters around”. This makes us wonder what the competition is like.

    He is obviously competing with the Chevrolet Movie Theater, you know, the one with the interior (of) crocodile, alligator leather.

  11. aztraph says:

    bet it’ll go faster in a windstorm
    “auntie em, it’s a twister!”

  12. HIrudinea says:

    If you combine this with this…

    you would get some kind of virtual reality reality feedback loop implosion.

  13. MakesLoveToArduinos says:

    I would just stop, heft it into my car, and drive away. I love when people have thousands of dollars worth of electronics rolling around the street unattended.

  14. Greg says:

    Wait, what?, why?

    I hope that is not an InFocus projector says the owner of two dead InFocus projectors that each lived for about 1.5 bulb lifes.

    Next up the autonomous submarine juicer.

  15. James says:

    @ MakesLoveToArduinos

    Then I guess that makes you an asshole who has plans to attend jail?

  16. sohbet says:

    Agree administrator

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