Remote control pellet gun – with scope

Project Thunderbird is an automated predator and pest control system. It consists of a pellet gun mounted in a motorized base. The icing on the cake is a 60x zoom camera that has cross-hairs superimposed on the picture. This reminds us of the Internet hunting for the handicap we heard about years ago.

In the video after the break you can see how the motorized base works, watch the trigger-pull motor, and observe a demonstration of some target practice. The creator, [Gadgetapodimus], mentions the possible sale of plans and kits as soon as he completes the system. Perhaps it would be better if this was not easy for people to build.


  1. mp says:

    Trivial to adapt to more powerful weapon.

  2. Oler says:

    is that the fastest speed it can move??

  3. Paul says:

    Finally someone else realizes that airsoft and paint ball guns aren’t ant fun! This thing looks pretty awesome!

  4. Hugo says:

    That reminds me of the movie ‘The Jackal’!!!
    Where is jack black to try this one out??

  5. Jim says:

    Perhaps it would be best if people were judged on their actions, not on the toys in their garage?


  6. Mark Wagner says:

    ill buy that for dollars!

  7. Mark Wagner says:

    sorry, i meant to say:

    ill buy that for X? dollars!

    but i suppose if an illiterate was making the claim, it would be just as funny

    Let me know when the pdf instructions are available. id like to develop stuff like this with my ideas but CAD software just doesnt let me do it
    machine cad …anyone?

  8. Shazzam121 says:

    He needs to get a more powerful motor…

  9. Wolf says:

    Very cool, I’ve been toying with the idea of building one of these for a while now. I’d probably start with an airsoft gun and switch it out for a 10/22 once I got everything working.

  10. Shazzam121 says:

    What if the motor was controlled by an iPhone with the crosshairs being displayed on the screen and it had an option to be accelerometer-based? I’d buy that. Or possibly one of those rangefinders with an accelerometer in it used for golf? You could aim it at the target and press a button and it would fire. Or it could be PC or Mac-controlled via a joystick and WiFi. The possibilities are endless.

  11. MS3FGX says:

    It needs to move slowly so he can control it when he has the camera zoomed in. If it moved too fast, it would be difficult to make any fine adjustments.

    Though ideally he should have a high-speed coarse movement, and then the slower fine adjustment. If you read the project page, he mentions that he currently plans to implement a system where the drive motors will receive double voltage for exactly that purpose.

    A nice touch would be to have it switch from coarse to fine movement once the camera zoom exceeds a certain magnification. Or even better, have motor speed proportional to the level of zoom, so that the motors slow down and speed up gradually as the zoom level changes.

  12. localroger says:

    I for one welcome our grandfather of SkyNet overlord.

  13. Paul says:


    all he needs are stepper motor’s

  14. rody says:

    Well, i pass here to see what is new and dont have time to see what others say so i will say what i think about your comment “Perhaps it would be better if this was not easy for people to build.”
    want ot not this is REALY ease to make BUT the hard part of this is to take out of the paper and make the code and move one the right angle that you need… so we can say that is a ease project but to much work is needed to work perfect like we want…

  15. Ed says:

    @ Paul

    Bad apostrophe.

  16. ben says:

    Scott Belcher i am going to build this and shoot you in the face!

  17. nave.notnilc says:

    using threaded rod as it does, it is inherently not going to be able to move very quickly (though it will certainly be accurate).

  18. Rollyn01 says:

    Take this, add the previous post about the repeater crossbow…… Know what? I’ll just shut up now.

  19. anonymous coward says:

    I’ve never seen a robot quite like the one used here, This seems very clever. Simple way to get a wide range of angles accurately and with minimal backlash.

    I can see going for a really high end version, with basically the same mechanism, swapping out the threaded rod for ballscrews and much larger servos, and then the aim would be very precise with the possibility of rapid motion.

  20. T-D says:

    Now all I need is to build an IFF system into my cat…

  21. liebesiech says:

    I want one! Exactly what I was looking for.

  22. Rollyn01 says:


    Somehow you’re reminding me of a Tom & Jerry episode. lol

  23. HSLD says:

    The problem with this device is the air gun.

    There just aren’t any magazine fed semiauto air guns that have the power or accuracy needed for humane pest control. I’m not against shooting animals if there is a good reason ( I do it myself ) but I think they deserve a quick clean kill. That Crossman is little more than a toy.

    All the magazine fed air guns that do have the power and accuracy needed are bolt action single shot. He needs to find a way to operate the bolt on one of these remotely. Not an easy task because you have both linear and rotary motion plus the effort of cocking the striker.

  24. Hacksaw says:

    Use the same motors he has just use 4 stat Acme rod and he can quadruple the speed and make it more accurate.At first glance I thought stepper motors also but the control would get WAY more difficult since the control would be based off a “home” position.He wants simple remote control…that he has achieved. Add a self sighting system like the auto face recognition in new digital cameras and this thing could be insane! I like it. I want one. Time to fire up the mill…

  25. Hacksaw says:

    Meant to say 4 start acme rod

  26. Itwork4me says:

    Good thing pests don’t have ears; my cat’s freaking out by the sound of that motor. If it could be more silent – the word stealth I think was used somewhere in the post? Regardless I’m thinking a solution of cayan and water in a reservoir and nozzle control for stray cat control. Humane and annoying.

  27. Hacksaw says:

    That would get it done.And you could mount the camera on the rails to boot. 600 fps,250 rds per cartridge, 30 shot mag and it’s a Beretta!

  28. Al says:

    If one of these arrive through your mail do not follow the instructions to connect it up to your wireless router, destroy it immediately

    John Conner

  29. jkopel says:
  30. Nice post! I am perpetually searching for recent paintball gun reviews and writeups. I am currently searching for a brand new gun, I’ve had my Spyder for a very long time, and wish to create certain I choose the most effective and find a smart deal.

  31. Bob says:

    I could use one of these for Chipmunk control

  32. Bob says:

    Even better…with a Ruger 10/22 and a triburst trigger limiter and a 30 rd. clip (I KNOW I can still get one somewhere!)…I could have my own mini Phalanx Anti Chipmunk system.

  33. Sarcasm Badger says:

    make it twitter what you killed … people will want to know HAHA. other then that good design

  34. Hossazein says:

    high tolerance for 5 yards

    you can re calibrate he shooting coordinates to
    get ur best shoot

    us can reduce the the size &it will be so affordable for more info. contact me

    bye brilliant mind :)

  35. Frank says:

    is there a link that has the plans to build one of these?

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