Lightdrawing Robot

Long exposure “light drawing” photography has become pretty popular lately. We see images pop up all the time that look pretty cool. [Nils] wasn’t feeling particularly artistic himself, so he made a robot to do the hard work for him. he can program patterns in, and it will replay them by changing the color of the light on top while it drives around. Though it may lack a little of the fluidity of the hand made images, it can probably make up for it with complexity. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this style of photography mixed with robotics, though this one seems fairly more flexible. Tune in after the break to see a video of it in action.

[via gizmodo]


  1. steve says:

    I took some photos of my Roomba (with lights on it):

  2. aztraph says:

    steve wins

  3. _matt says:

    Nils needs to do those in the dark to get pics on par with what steve did.

  4. sarsface says:

    Those are awesome, steve.

  5. harry says:

    I dont get it, how do you not see the blur of the robot itself? is it not bright enough?

  6. uC says:


    Long exposure photography doesn’t capture moving objects unless they are very bright.


  7. T.n says:


  8. demina4 says:

    Wow! it’s great!

  9. More Roomba says:

    Very cool robot. You should feed it some fractals! There is more time-lapse Roomba art here:

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