SparkFun’s Free Day is nearly upon us…

As I’m sure many of you already now, today is January 7th. While that might not have any real significance normally, today this means that our favorite hobby supplier, SparkFun, is giving away up to $100,000 of electronic goodness. We know we have our shopping carts filled to the brim, and we’re sure that most of you do too. With the start of Free Day being roughly 10 minutes away, we recommend that everyone man their shopping carts…. This should be interesting…


  1. evil_98 says:

    I am so upset that some of you can even connect…last page I saw was the “we are adding servers…blah” page around 10AM EST….this sucks

  2. SparkFun Associate says:

    100k given away at 11:25! You can now get back to your regular lives (and also stop trying to access the server k thnx)

  3. Adromos says:

    Anyone who doesn’t already have an account set up from yesterday should just stop now, you are not going to get it set up, and you are just bogging thigns down for the rest of us.

  4. madmaze says:

    2852.29$ 11:27

  5. zomg says:

    This reminds me of when Amazon did a black friday sale when the xbox360 came out for $99……

    I hope I can get through before my meeting in 30min.

  6. sjm4306 says:

    Got to shipping options page and timeout

  7. jh says:

    3152.09 and counting…

  8. wiggles says:

    3250 last i saw

  9. moo says:

    lol welcome to the club inm stuck on shiping too

  10. Achelous says:

    Can we get hack-a-day to remove this posting for an hour or so so n00bs stop trying to signup? This late in the process and there is no chance they will get through. But there is hope yet for the rest of us.

  11. Stendall says:

    THX hack a day, you do it. The most stupid denial of service in the world.
    As people comment, most guys will just buy things that even don’t know about it, or how work. Just because it’s free.
    I’ts intended as a sharing day with regular customers. Now it’s ruined.

  12. zomg says:

    has anyone in here been able to actually place an order?

  13. jeff-o says:

    No luck here, and all I want is a few membrane potentiometers. :(

  14. Fújur says:

    Nice try, “SparkFun Associate” :-)

  15. Paul Pounds says:

    I can’t even -see- the site, let alone get an update of the count. Sigh. I took the morning off work for this… oh well, thems the breaks.

  16. Art says:

    About $2,800 as of 11:30.

  17. Chris says:


    “Problem loading page”

    oh shit.

  18. Tom Lynch says:

    @SparkFunGuy stop lying to put people off its unfair to try and cheat your way.

  19. jh says:

    The Hack-a-day affect in effect…

  20. Stephen says:

    having fun just watching the twitter feeds. Gave up trying to load the page. Actually have work to do. LOL

  21. polossatik says:

    time and time …out… wonder how long people will be persistently refresh that site for 100 usd…

  22. zomg says:

    And all I want is a gps module that I can’t justify the cost for with the wyph

  23. moo says:

    3.5 k given away im already at credict card page go go go

  24. tom says:

    On the monday after thanksgiving was doing 50% off everything all day. I got my stuff checked out that day but the same thing was happening so I’m not expecting much. Funny, while I was typing my cart loaded… again.


  25. Travis says:

    It’s like the break room with left over cupcakes on the counter.

  26. regulatre says:

    They’re slashdotted.

  27. I can't get anything!!!!!!! says:

    I can’t get anything!!!!!!!


  28. DeFex says:

    Maybe the arduino web server was not such a good idea.

  29. FDP says:

    Why get angry at Sparkfun? We get free shit in exchange for them stress-testing their system. How could anyone not see this coming?

  30. moo says:

    @DeFex lol!!!!!!!!

  31. sjm4306 says:

    Has anyone here gotten checked out?

  32. madmaze says:

    @DeFex: yea they should have used a arduino mego

  33. Foo says:

    @SparkFun Associate
    Damn – I was about to try that trick!

  34. Eric says:

    how many services is sparkfun flooding and killing with people, NOT including their own?

  35. gtkid2002 says:

    Just saw 4,695.00 as given away so far. Great idea, bad execution.

  36. osgeld says:

    Ive been trying to get onto sparkfun since 7:30 my time (which is 1 hour ahead of them)

    Have yet to even see the home page, connection interrupted every time

    This was a poorly executed idea, ran off of some local yokel small time host (rockynet) on poor server hardware, its been 3x as difficult to even get on even before the rush


  37. Fújur says:

    SparkFun Free Day
    Is open! Time remaining:
    11h : 28m : 30s
    Get those orders in!
    $3,844.79 given away so far!

  38. therian says:

    I thought it will be over in 3 minutes but now Im wondering how many hours people will manage to refresh

  39. rac says:

    $4795.09 are gone already
    I’m almost at the last step

  40. Jimmybean says:

    Maybe they should have just given away 100k candybars?

  41. sjm4306 says:

    oh well

  42. They’ve sparkfun’d themselves.

  43. stunmonkey says:

    They should have made this for previous customers only or something. People have made tens of thousands of new accounts in the last day, many fraudulent duplicates by people wanting multiple orders, many by people who will just try to get free high-dollar stuff to flip on Ebay.

    Its an awesome idea, but I have the feeling that SparkFun didn’t foresee this big of a problem.
    They actually are asking people on the internet to use the honor system?

  44. Ditto says:

    just got to my cart, 5195.09$ given away so far

  45. Dave-0 says:

    $4,495.09given away so far

  46. asc says:

    hrm no matter what i cannot checkout, keeps kaputting and only showing 1 icon all the rest blank

  47. 5k last I checked and apparently I haven’t updated my address. F.

  48. Ryan says:

    Got the homepage to load after 30min of trying.. was so used to pressing F5 that I lost it :(

  49. stunmonkey says:

    They’ve sparkfun’d themselves.

    Posted at 9:34 am on Jan 7th, 2010 by Mitchel Humpherys

    Nice!!!! A new meme in the creation.

  50. jh says:

    6075.24… and creeping right along…

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