SparkFun’s Free Day Is Nearly Upon Us…

As I’m sure many of you already now, today is January 7th. While that might not have any real significance normally, today this means that our favorite hobby supplier, SparkFun, is giving away up to $100,000 of electronic goodness. We know we have our shopping carts filled to the brim, and we’re sure that most of you do too. With the start of Free Day being roughly 10 minutes away, we recommend that everyone man their shopping carts…. This should be interesting…

624 thoughts on “SparkFun’s Free Day Is Nearly Upon Us…

  1. have had my cart filled and on screen for the last 24 hours with the mouse hovering over check out, 4 alarms on my phone set watched the clock tick to 0, clicked check out and…


  2. Yeah, this announcement was pretty lame. Like a lot of you serious enthusiasts, I added this to my calendar months ago and I was so excited thinking about it last night.

    Instead the site is being pounded by tons of users who just want to get some free shit they will probably never use.

  3. I tried logging on to Sparkfun eleven hours ago and I couldn’t do much because other than the login screen, the web would say “Cannot find server”. I tried several times today and I cannot get on.

    I think it is a great idea but it is unrealistic to think that it won’t hurt their customer’s feelings to be offered something they cannot get. In many ways the negative advertising from people who can’t win overshadows those who may get through.

    They could have offered $100,000 of free shipping to different customers and more people would have been happy.

    The reason I stay home a lot on Black Friday is because stores offer deals that are unrealistic. They’re giving away something and there is only six per store and there are eighty people in line so they want me to come out but they don’t really want to cut their costs from their already high prices. One store did that to me so I went to their competition and bought the product and never went back to the store that offers empty promises.

  4. Eh, you can’t really blame it too hard on “moochers.” This was pretty heavily publicized all around, and there’s thousands upon thousands of people who believe they have a legitimate need/claim/entitlement for this stuff that goes above and beyond the standard nooblecake. We’re all mooching together, here.

  5. It’s over, the servers have melted. Those who are getting through are getting a message that says sorry the servers are overloaded, and that they are going to try again tomorrow at the same time.

  6. This sucks a bit… For months now I’ve had a shopping cart stocked with things I needed for a project…. I planned a whole project around this, and my cart total was nearly $200- I was going to spend $100 more to gather everything I needed for my project, and I was glad to since this was such a great special. I’ve been a SF customer for a while.

    But that plan was shot to shit. I’d like to see how many other people were spending more than the 100$. Maybe those who were spending extra could have gotten some preference.

  7. I dont see how any one can really complain about not getting free stuff… if you wanted it that bad you would have bought it.

    yeah it sucks that we cant get in but that life!!!

  8. i think they might just run out of time. before the 100.000 has been given away. as nobody can do anything ;) good thinking LOL

    i get credit for aranging a free giveaway. not having to giveaway anything due massive DDOS shopping spree… sweet

    i saw 78$ given away last time
    anything loaded..

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