CES: Pleo shows its guts.

We reported that Pleo was given a second chance a while back, but it was great to see it in person. We got to pet a stock one, and it seemed very responsive like we’ve heard, and turned its head whenever it was pet, but as hackers, we enjoyed seeing it with the skin ripped off.


  1. angrydroid says:

    Nice Pleo pr0n!

  2. walt says:

    can’t stand the pleo. it’s like they tried as hard as they could to make a robot not look like a robot. it’s like taking a sports car and covering it in fuzzy material with a set of big eyes on the front because it makes it look cute. WHY?

  3. Silver says:

    All in the name of science!

  4. Neckbeard says:

    You guys aren’t hackers …

  5. Kyle Wiens says:

    Our Pleo teardown from the heyday of Ugobe: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Pleo/597/1

  6. Sarah Huber says:

    Any chance of purchasing a Pleo skin? Seriously.. need a replacement for an older one..

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