Pleo gets another chance

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[Robert] sent us some news on Pleo’s future. Apparently a company called Jetta has bought the rights to Pleo during the bankruptcy sale. They intend on re releasing the cute little robot. They mention that they have built parts for the iRobot line. We wonder what they’ll do, if anything, to make it more appealing.


  1. McSquid says:

    This is the first and last time ill ever post one of these: but this has nothing to do with hacking, clever uses of tech, or any mildly amusing story of some sort. this is a product.

  2. Phreakazoid says:

    It has something to do with robots, although Pleo is not appealing to me because of the price. If they bring it down, maybe I’d play with it for some time.

  3. kiberkomunist says:

    it has almost as much with hacking as arduino.

  4. maxster says:

    It is a great example of failure. Valuable information for anyone that wants to market anuthing. But I agree, dosent have much to do here.

  5. Del says:

    Wow! Maybe that’s why it’s “filed under: news”

  6. dirk says:

    OH NO, it appears a web site has chosen to publish information I do not find directly relevant to my interests! WHAT SHALL I DO?

    I know, I shall post comments regarding the nature of the information and how it clearly has little or nothing to do with my own perceived purpose of the web site.

  7. Haku says:

    First thing they should do is give it back it’s original prototype skin decoration so it looks more like a ‘real’ dino than a cartoon robot –

  8. Hackius says:

    Haku: the original skin was deemed to expensive and fragile for mass production

  9. democratsarefascists says:

    The price has to come down.
    Then I’m there.

    Glad they saved the little guy, though.

  10. Rampage says:

    the new chinese company will surely bring the prices down…and so will the quality. A lot of pleos were breaking before. Expect it to break even more…

  11. walt says:

    Pleo does not appeal to those who like robotis that look like robots.

    I wish they would make more real ROBOTS and less silly toys.

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