Spherical and stereoscopic photography

[Ryubin’s] experiments with spherical video continue. This time around he’s using two cameras, both with fisheye lenses, to capture 360 degree by 360 degree video. The two cameras mount back to back and each record a 360 degree vertical view in a 180 degree horizontal range. By stitching the two recordings together and synchronizing them by comparing moving objects a seamless spherical video is produced.

He’s got one more trick up his sleeve with this setup. The tripod mount has a pivot point that allows the two cameras to shoot side-by-side instead of back-to-back. This produces a hemispherical video that is stereoscopic. That’s a pretty cheap way to make this type of 3D imaging compared to some of the CES offerings.

There are a few example videos up on his webpage. If you missed it earlier this month, he’s the guy that build a spherical video setup using a light bulb.

6 thoughts on “Spherical and stereoscopic photography

  1. I didn’t got why it was a full 360 video at first, until i saw the arrow keys on the vid.
    It is realy cool. Nice pivot too.

  2. Dope! If they had this in packed live environments, say like a skateboard park for instance, it would allow the viewer to watch whomever they wanted.

  3. don’t call it 360 X 360
    Each camera captures a circular fisheye image of 180°
    The stitched video combines to create a full spherical of 360 X 180

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