Building an Electric Kart

[Henry Herndon] is working on building an electric kart, mostly with surplus parts. He’s got some experience with electric vehicles but that doesn’t mean the build is going without a hitch. So far he’s come up with a way to make the peculiar motor shaft play nicely with his rig but once everything was put together he had trouble with the chain coming off of the cogs.

We know there’s a lot of links here so far but just a couple more: [Henry] took some shots of the kart chassis before adding the motor, and just for fun, take a look at his scotch tape dispenser. When you’re done clicking on those join us after the break for some test drive footage.

[Thanks FaultyWarrior]


  1. The pickup and speed of the cart is pretty nice. I think I’d rather go with a Briggs and Stratt or Tecumseh though.

  2. PocketBrain says:

    Hey, the electric rollerblades guy has one of these. And a really cool electric grocery cart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now all they need is a blue shell robot that can follow it around.

  4. Justin says:

    Now give it dynamic timing like the Tekin RS or LRP SXX SS provide for rc cars. THEN it will fly!

  5. LazyMegaMan says:

    Really? No one else is going to say it? Fine…


  6. LazyMegaMan says:

    Ahh, I see someone DID mention it above. Ahh well, glad I’m not the only one who thought of this.

  7. Brian says:

    How well does it stand up to banana peels?

  8. HomerGonerson says:

    @LazyMegaMan: Smooth.

  9. fries says:

    I thought that chains went on sprockets, not cogs.

  10. DocMAME says:

    Etek -IS- Briggs & Stratton…

    Electric is awesome for speed and torque. Infinite torque at 0 RPM… will smoke a combustion engine every time.

    And yes, I have multiple street legal electric cars…

    DaveP in Ohio
    aka DocMAME

  11. evaproto says:

    @DocMAME: Infinite torque at 0 RPM.

    Really I think you mean Maximum torque at start.

  12. DocMAME says:

    OK… theoretically infinite torque…

    “As for the maximum current that the motor can take, this is governed by the resistance of its coils and brushes inside. Going back to an ideal motor, this would have zero resistance. When this ideal motor is stalled, it will take an infinite current, which will produce an infinite torque, and push whatever blockage is out of the way. In a real motor, the torque it can produce is not infinite, it is limited by the maximum current that can flow through the motor.” – “Using DC motors in fighting robots –

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