Leapster Explorer Continues The Didj Tradition

Leapfrog has a new device out called the Leapster Explorer. [The Moogle] has been poking around the insides and he patched into the serial bus to get USB host mode running. Because the same cartridge interface is used for the Didj and the Explorer, tools like the DJHI should continue to work. The $70 price tag makes this a no-brainer if you interested in doing some portable hacking. We’ve seen promising Didj hacks such as OpenGL and Video out, hopefully the new hardware will help advance the cause.

14 thoughts on “Leapster Explorer Continues The Didj Tradition

  1. Well, the A320 is a Chinese MIPS-based device with a Linux port, the LeapFrog devices use an ARM926 and are running Linux out of the box and you can pick them up at almost any toy store?

  2. @erik, you can get something that looks like a netbook with the same cpu as the explorer maybe for about $70 but it’ll run like a dog, at least the explorer doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a kids toy :)

    @Nick, erm, so much more powerful than a leapster, hate to burst your bubble but neither the didj nor the explorer are ‘leapsters’ they’re made by leapfrog though if that helps….

    psp = 333Mhz *if* you overclock it.

    Didj/Explorer run stock 393Mhz and are very simply overclockable to 533Mhz.

    PSP not necessarily that easy to hack, requires either a game disc or to be at the correct firmware revision or for you to have access to an already hacked psp to make a pandora battery.

    Stock software support (as a pmp) is better on PSP than the didj/explorer but as the didj has released source code it makes it infinitely easier to jump in and start hacking.

  3. It took me a good 5 minutes of googling to figure that out and actually find places that are selling it. I kind of want to pick up 2 – one to hack and one for my neice but they’re charging $15 – 25 for their games

  4. I just got an explorer for Christmas and I would like to see if I can find any type of code generator or game backup solutions… The games are $20 and demos are very limited. A leap app game code gen would be awesome !!!

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