Fully customized robots

i.materialise, a custom 3D printing fabrication house are looking for talented robotics enthusiasts with the skills to design custom robotics parts such as functional frames, decorative shells, as well as unique parts required by robots to look and perform their best. The best part? They are offering free 3D printing of parts to the people they select with the most interesting or useful ideas. Make sure you check out their blog for details on what they are looking for and how to enter, as well as checking out some of the other cool things they do, such as a fully customizable 3D printed frisbee. Let us know what you design, we would love to show it off!

[via Robots-Dreams]


  1. Ben says:


  2. walt says:

    looks awesome. wonder how those cosmetic parts will hold up to some robotic fighting.


  3. P says:

    look like some kind of deformed elephant head

  4. Jim Foster says:

    So free design work for them? Yay!

  5. Ozzy_Coff says:

    auto-bots Assemble!! literary =P
    If I was looking for my own creations to become real I so would chase this thing up

  6. Domonoky says:

    I also just printed a robot on my own 3d printer. But its a industrial robot (KUKA KR180) :-)

    Take a look at http://www.ifeelbeta.de or http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4575 for the full model data.

  7. lobster says:

    RE: Ben

    I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud I got that one.

  8. Malikaii says:

    James, don’t forget your brackets []. Otherwise well written.

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