SNES controller dock for Dell Streak

The Dell Streak is an Android tablet. [Collin Meyer] wanted to use an original SNES controller to play emulated games on the device. What he came up with is a controller that is a dock for he handheld.

Several things have to come together to make this happen. The Streak uses a standard PDMI dock that connects to a computer via a USB connection. [Collin] repurposed a sync cable by connecting a couple of pins on the dock connector which forces the device to use USB host mode. From there he used a Teensy microcontroller to convert the SNES controller into a USB device (very similar to this hack). The Teensy and shortened sync cable find a new home inside the SNES controller body and, in the video after the break, it looks like he used something like sugru to add a bit of support for the Streak.


  1. Nair says:

    Why not for N900, I just installed mario with emu on it. It’s a pain in the ass playing it with the normal cursor.

  2. Tex© says:

    so he removed the bumpers ……….

  3. AK says:

    damn he’s good playing mario in a mirror!

  4. zool says:

    only problem,… he can’t ‘do a barrel roll’

  5. alan says:

    What pins from the SNES controller go to what PINs on the teeny?

  6. SomeDude says:

    Here’s the link to the source that should’ve been in this post:

    Same still shot and everyone else is linking there so it’s obviously where it’s from.

  7. Amos says:

    Either he mis-wired it, or he has his emulator’s key mapping set up oddly to better facilitate game-play for the demo video, because “A” is supposed to do a “spin-jump.”

    Also, he should have attached the dock to a pedestal protruding from the face of the pad, so that L and R could still be accessed, and so the weight would be more evenly distributed (with the center-of-gravity of the phone above the center of the pad). Maybe he could have even extended some functionality of the phone to a connector in the pad’s wire hole; like putting a headphone jack there, or something.

    Still, the SNES pad is the pinnacle of game input device technology, and this hack puts it to good use.

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    I also like the SNES pad for retro gaming.

    Can’t blame them for wanting to do it but reduced functionality in the controller kills it for me.

    Still pretty cool if it’s working for the maker.

  9. hacker says:

    doesn’t make it top heavy??

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