Valentine’s Day love song machine


Just in time for Valentine’s day, [Adam Meyer] and the folks over at have put together a little project they call the “Love Song Machine“. Using a web-based form, anyone can submit a song, which will then be played on a system of bells that they have set up in their office. You can choose from several pre-defined love songs, or you can create your own unique arrangement with which to serenade them. Once you are ready to go, your song will be queued up, and you can watch a video of your creation as it is being played.

The system is comprised of 8 solenoid-actuated bells which are all controlled by the Arduino they have hooked up to their web server. It’s a pretty fun idea, and there are sure to be plenty of people submitting songs, so get yours in before things get too busy!

Keep reading to see a video preview of their system in action.


  1. zool says:


  2. zool says:

    hmm after doing it, i would suggest they just have a live feed so you can watch everyone’s song rather than just looking at a clock to countdown to your song

    this kind of reminds me of silophone
    still kinda cool though

  3. Tolaemon says:

    I’ve found very original the possibility of compose your song through the web. It reminds me the set of automatic tubular bells I built 5 years ago ( ) . I’m building a similiar and improved device now.

  4. seomack says:

    Check out by the creator of this device. It has a good start at component level tutorials that are very well written.

  5. seomack says:

    Yea its my apologies.

  6. Colin says:

    They’re actually standing there watching (at least when mine played). It’s a lot of fun!

    I’m with zool though, it’d be fun if we could watch the feed and see everyone’s creations.

  7. Adam Meyer says:

    We really wanted to have a constant view for everyone. Our streaming server only allowed 10 people to watch at the same time though. And it needed to be more real time than all the mass streaming systems would allow.

  8. Greg says:

    Polyphony and chromaticism would be cool to have.

  9. Hirudinea says:

    Cool, a web controlled carillon, I’ed like to see an entire 88 keyboard hooked up to 88 bells.

  10. zool says:

    use ustreem?

  11. B says:

    Yup, I agree with zool. Have a separate server run ustream

  12. Xb0xGuru says:

    Agree with Greg – 12 notes in a Chromatic scale, so why only 8 bells?

  13. Sigg3 says:

    So.. can we bruteforce this thing?

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