Gigantic 555 footstool

The team at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories needed a footstool. Obviously not content with buying one, they came across the idea of building a 555 footstool.

After finding some dimension drawings of the 555 timer IC, the team scaled everything up 30 times. While a normal DIP-8 555 is around 0.4 inches long, the footstool is over a foot long and eight inches high. The stool was cut on a CNC mill out of 1/2″ plywood, glued together, and finally panted with the correct date code and the logo of Evil Mad Scientist Labs. The finished product is amazing. We’ve been looking for a nice table, and the idea of an 8 foot long wooden 64-pin Motorola 68000 is pretty appealing.

While there’s no electronics in the footstool, it’s not hard to imagine fabricating some aluminum pins and a hollow body so a huge, functional 555 could be built. It would be possible to use discreet components following the block diagram of the 555 to build a huge Atari Punk Console; the gigantic capacitors are fairly easy to build in any event.


  1. Chris says:

    Ha, I love it!

    Regarding a scaled up *functional* version. The original 555’s output driver can source/sink 200ma. When it switches, both source and sink transistors are momentarily active; resulting in a 200ma shoot-through.

    So when Brian suggested scaled-up electronics, I couldn’t help but imagine the incredibly nasty spikes it would cause if the output current were also scaled up proportionately. :)

  2. Dave says:

    Djeez, why can’t I think of cool things like this. :p Looks great!

  3. sS says:

    Great job and very well done! :)

  4. Grovenstien says:

    Where would YOUR legs go if you scaled up a 64 pin motorola 68000?

    Nice though, i could see a whole range of furniture based on this concept.

    How about capacitor coffee tables?

  5. afreeland says:

    Well…I think I have found my next project =)

  6. pahosler says:

    @Grovenstien this is HaD, it would have to be Arduino coffee tables… LOL

  7. password says:

    make it switch a 10a 555 would work nicly

  8. password says:

    what about a gigantic cdrom for a flat screen TV, push a button and the rom oppens showing your TV

  9. medix says:

    I’d be more impressed if it was functional, but with 30x the capacity of the original chip. ;)

  10. berslan says:

    You could furnish a super geek living room with this concept. Resistor couch pillows, Xtall coffee tables or bars (tall ones) come to mind.

  11. john says:

    That is awesome!! I also though making it functional would be fun too- and entertainingly educational. Embed a real 555 inside it, and lead out to the feet…

  12. Grovenstien says:

    @pahosler to true! Giant TRI colour LED floor lamp!

  13. bob says:


  14. steve says:

    foot stool, why does stepping into dog droppings come to my mind?

  15. andar_b says:

    “what about a gigantic cdrom for a flat screen TV, push a button and the rom oppens showing your TV”

    Better yet, make it look like a Nokia screen.

  16. GOTHMOG says:

    Loving it.. I know now why they have “mad” in their name…

  17. Where is a good source of small mercury arc rectifiers? I would love to make a couple of them into a wall or soemthing.

  18. Torque says:

    Next on HaD, breadboard living room floors… Very cool

  19. Volectorus says:


  20. Mihail121 says:


  21. saimhe says:

    An ideal consolation prize in the “Artistic” category of the 555 Design Contest. :p

  22. bdsmith says:

    If you want to add a working 555 circuit inside it, how about making it even more retro by making a 555 circuit out of tubes? It’s the right size to hold the tube components….

  23. Hirudinea says:

    The next step is so obvious, octobot!

  24. Whatnot says:

    Wikipedia says that there are more than a billion 555’s manufactured every year (and I have no reason to doubt it), that’s such a staggering number when you think about it.

    One word of criticism on this project though, I don’t think the thickness of the legs are to scale at all, but it’s not a big distraction and would require steel legs to be correct and maintain stability and somehow it looks OK as it is.

  25. Steve B says:

    I’m pretty sure the lead inductance would go through the roof if you tried to build an actual functional IC at that size.
    But since it’s just for fun, I suppose it doesn’t matter that much.

  26. octel says:

    “It would be possible to use discreet components following”

    The world you’re looking for is _discrete_

  27. octel says:

    Talk about hoisted by my own petard

  28. Tony says:

    Yah, typical grammar Nazi fail. It’s a web forum post so a minor typo is ok.

    Lack of periods at the end of sentences are grounds for a flogging though

  29. Tyler says:

    That is so cool!

  30. Tony says:

    I occurred to me that if you made it hollow with a slot at the front, you could use it as a mailbox. Your neighbours may think it odd, but whatever.

  31. elias says:

    Omg that carpet is just perfect to print/paint a pcb over it

  32. D_ says:

    That thing looks like it’s way heavier than it needs to be. An electron tube version of a 555 timer inside wouldn’t be a bad idea for Winter comes around, and a space heater for the room is desired. I’d definitely would buy a cutting pattern for this if they would make one available. I’d hollow it out and build a poor man’s version of the Eden Pure room heater inside.

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