The weighted companion cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, is a subwoofer

From the techPowerUp! forums comes an awesome weighted companion cube subwoofer built by the metonymical user named [Cube].

This build started off as a coffee table that was to have an oval glass top (no word if the edges were going to be blue or orange). The guts of the cube are taken from a 400 Watt sub. As any good sub builder would, [Cube] kept the air volume and port tuning of the donor box.

We’ve seen a companion cube sub before that featured EL wire for a ‘glowing cube’ effect, but [Cube] may have taken things a little too far by including glowing rings on each side of the cube. The rings lit by 2,500 LEDs mounted on pieces of perspex and wired point-to-point. While [Cube] claims he’s ‘not a electronics guru,’ he certainly has a lot of patience to assemble those lights.

Check out [Cube]‘s YouTube build video after the link. Credit to [Todd] for sending this one in.


  1. AP² says:

    Awesome work. And Portal really gives itself to great mods like this, it’s full of iconic characters (even if it’s a lifeless cube!).

  2. vasskk says:

    looks cool, but cubic boxes have the worst sound performance…

  3. mad_max says:

    Oh. My. God. I have to do this to my sub. This is beautiful.

  4. Mime says:

    Holy shit! The craftsmanship of thus is amassing! My hat is all the way of and on the floor. Mr. [Cube] really made something out of the ordinary here! Now make a giant portal button for it to rest on!

  5. lrand48 says:

    Nice work. Time for an edgeless safety cube that is also a tweeter to complete the system!

  6. Fuzzy says:

    Amazing piece of work! Really love the patience and attention to detail.

  7. eth3real says:

    I love that he put ratman drawings on the inside. :D

  8. Vampyredh says:

    officially one of the coolest sub boxes I have ever seen.

  9. c3p says:

    gooddamit i want to here it play some dubstep remix of the portal theme song!

  10. Someone says:

    What if an LED fails? He covered them with glue. I’m not an expert but I think he should have considered that. With some many LEDs failure is not far away. Also having them hooked up on some kinda animation circuitry would be cool. But anyways great mod.

  11. password says:

    also you check out the companion cube case mod at

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