iPhone controlled Daft Punk helmet replica a dazzling build

This Daft Punk helmet replica is beautiful to look at, but the deeper we delve into the build process, the more we begin to think that the entire project is a piece of artwork. [Harrison Krix] has been working on it for months, and just posted his three-part build log in September. Check out the video and the links to all three parts after the break.

Now [Harrison] isn’t new to prop replica scene. He’s the guy responsible for the other fantastic Daft Punk helmet we saw last year. He’s tapped the same fabrication skills to churn out an equally impressive chromed helmet, complete with addressable flashing LEDs. He built his own mold to create the body of the helmet, reminding us of the Storm Trooper helmet replicas we saw in July. While this was off being coated in chrome, he got down to business with the electronics.

The visor of the helmet has a red LED marquee. This, along with the multicolored visor sides and ear pucks, is controlled by an Arduino yellow jacket. The lights can be controlled by an iPhone app that connects to the helmet via WiFi, letting a user push custom messages to the display, and alter the light patterns. The build shines on the inside as well as the outside with an incredibly clean LED matrix build, and clever control placement for switching each part on or off.

Build Log Links:

[Thanks Chris]


  1. nico says:

    I’m speechless.

  2. Unknown says:

    How well are you able to see through the LED matrix?

  3. Søren says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Soundshark says:

    The build process its self is a thing of beauty, It be great to have a gsm interface and allow people to send msgs to the marquee :)

  5. Smokingman says:


  6. N0LKK says:

    Daft Punk? Maybe I’m officially a geezer, since that didn’t register at all. Google helped clue me in. While I have heard that sort of music come over the radio I never listen to it long enough to discover who the artist is. Then again I never understood the appeal of the theremin. None of that means I can’t appreciate the craftsmanship of this build, good work.

  7. newsRed says:

    What kind of LED controllers was he using for the front display? The design and time he put into this project is amazing. Props.

  8. Bob says:

    Always wondered how they see.

  9. Aldeon says:

    I love this guys work. He has so many different projects on his site. All are amazing.

  10. Jon says:

    I almost never comment on this site, but am a big Daft Punk fan, and love when I see builds like this. Amazing work!

  11. the cat says:

    This helmet is the most beautiful recreation of a daft punk helmet I don’t know what to do with myself now

  12. PJ Allen says:

    That could make big $$ on ebay.

  13. chewabledrapery says:

    That is flipping sweet! I want one!

    Amazing build i’m in awe of the amount of work involved, awesome.

  14. cdilla says:

    Quite beautiful. An artist to be sure.

  15. ubru bey says:

    can’t say anything but amazing..

  16. jett jasmin says:

    Who does that additional research these days? Hats off to You . springhill group

  17. Galane says:

    There’s a far easier way to get a shiny chrome finish. Get the chrome paint and compatible clear coat from Spaz Stix. To have the chrome shiny, what you spray it on must already be smooth as glass. This paint can be used to make a mirror when sprayed on the back side of glass or smooth, clear plastic. If you can spray it on properly it’ll also make a decent front surface mirror, though probably not good enough for a telescope.

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