Analog test interface for your computer

Wanting to test the response curves on some analog parts, [Don Sauer] devised a way of using simple tools to graph analog tests on a computer. Here you can see the results of testing NPN, PNP, NMOS and PMOS transistors, but modifying the input circuitry would let you test just about anything you want.

[Don] is using an Arduino as the hardware interface. He needed some additional parts, like an op-amp and some passives. Instead of building this on a breadboard, he printed the circuit out on a piece of cardboard, hot glued the components in place, then wired them up. This will let him reuse the interface in the future, but is quicker than designing and etching a PCB.

He uses a Processing sketch to capture the test data streaming in from the Arduino. Once recorded, he uses SciLab to create the graphs. He also covers a method of sifting through the data using Octave, another open source program that feels somewhat like MATLAB.


  1. Frank Cohen says:

    You’ve done C, do you think you can do MATLAB???

  2. Tweeks says:

    Matlab? Really? Why?
    This sort of thing SHOULD be done in C.


  3. John says:

    Well, matlab can do things like frequency analysis without having to do complex math in C.

  4. KanchoBlindside says:

    OK, I see a link to a picture…where’s the project?

    /I dont snoop around on sites by guessing whats in the root folder; dangerous.

  5. Fallen says:

    MATLAB should be fairly easy to implement, but I doubt the maker would rewrite his entire code in MATLAB unless he really needed to. That’s a lot of effort. But no doubt about it, MATLAB is really handy for processing data.

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