Playing classic 60s tunes with an all electronic band


If you are considering repurposing some old computer equipment to create music, be aware that the bar has been raised just a tad. YouTube user [BD594] spent some time sifting through his bin of used electronics and put together a 5-piece band that plays a pretty awesome rendition of The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun”.

Last week, we saw a pretty impressive hack with a floppy drive that could bang out music using a calculator, but this takes things to a whole new level. [BD594] used an old HP ScanJet to simulate the song’s vocals, while an Atari 800XL combined with an oscilloscope is used as an organ. A Ti-99/4a is used in conjunction with another scope to play guitar notes, while a PIC-controlled hard drive does double duty, playing both the bass drum and cymbals.

We dare you to watch the video below and NOT be thoroughly impressed with his work.

[BD594] says that once he has a bit of free time, he’ll be putting out another video – something we’ll be anxiously waiting to see.

16 thoughts on “Playing classic 60s tunes with an all electronic band

  1. I have that oscilloscope but it wont display a trace and the tub amps are beyond my time and there is no obvious failure…:(

    1. If you can find a amateur radio club in your area there is a good chance that someone there will be able to help with tube circuits, or at least point you in the right direction.

    2. i have that same old o-scope too. mine works sorta. some of the controls are stuck and hard to switch. found it in an arcade cabinet that was being thrown out. Now i have a full size arcade and o-scope for free.

      The video doesn’t really show what is making the sine wav sounds. He needs floppy dives added.

  2. Fantastic! The scanner doesn’t have Eric Burdon’s vocal line right, though. (That’s nitpicking, but it clangs on mine ear) Great work!

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