Bossy calendar tells visitors when to go away

So here’s the scenario. You’re the boss and everyone needs to kiss up to you speak with you about important project details. You need a receptionist, or a creative employee who will build a calendar display the lets people check if you’re free to chat. It works by querying a Microsoft Exchange server for the guy’s calendar. The hardware within doesn’t deal directly with the full Exchange API, but relies on a server-side script that feeds it info on request. This is a nice touch since you can do a lot of filtering on the server and keep it simple with the embedded electronics

Speaking of embedded hardware, this uses Gadgeteer modules. You probably don’t remember, but these are Microsoft’s electronic modules aimed at C# and .NET programmers. It uses the main board, and LCD, USB host, and Wifi modules. This is the first project we remember seeing since the hardware was announced.

We wonder if this will change the boss’ behavior? Will he start scheduling creatively so that he gets more time without interruption?


  1. Velli says:

    “You made the enclosure out of CARDBOARD?!? The last guy made his out of STONE. YOU ARE FIRED!!!”

  2. putyn says:

    cool concept but its expensive at almost 350$

  3. ransomhall says:

    “This is the first project we remember seeing since the hardware was announced.”

    Must be some faulty memory. Plenty of Gadgeteer projects out there. The tinyCLR codeshare has got some gems.

  4. Daniel says:

    Anyone noticed the encoding error? :P

  5. Pabluski says:

    This is the mentality of the bad old days of IT … the new reality is that if you do not SERVE your customer then you will be replaced by someone who does.

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