S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli Carrier brought to life

This fantastic work by [Native18] shows a quad copter reproduction of the Heli carrier used by the Avengers. Following this thread (translated), you can follow along his thought process as well as his build process as he proceeds. The construction is mainly paper and lightweight foam, but it still manages to float and even take off from the water.

We’ve seen other aircraft carrier designs before, but not many this well polished, and none that took off from water.

[via technabob]

34 thoughts on “S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli Carrier brought to life

    1. I’d rather see standard micro rc helicopters with the swarm brain running the show, it ads considerably more to the stage craft of it in my opinion.

      Maybe some carefully chosen and placed magnets that have slightly less holding strength than the minis can produce at full force but positioned so the minis could offset and maybe even help with take off and flight while docked.

  1. I’m pretty sure that in the Avengers movie the propellers was under the water-surface before the carrier took off.
    And why do people always put music on their videos ? I would rather hear the sound from the motors.

    That being said, it’s a pretty well made quadcopter.

    1. The ship in the movie had a crew of superheros, a prison that could contain The Hulk, Bruce Bannner, airplanes, and an Iron Suit powered by a perpetual motion machine.

      I’m guessing it displaced more water with all that cargo on board.

    2. Second that. I also dislike it when people show something and the description (when there is one) is typed in the video and there is some annoying music in the background which serves no purpose at all. I hit MUTE immediately.
      I would prefer the noise the build makes also or the builder narrating what he did (afraid to talk to a camera?) :P

      1. ]sigh] Anyway evidently the music selection is part of the soundtrack of the movie that inspired to model, so it wasn’t entirely irrelevant.Moving beyond that chances are many are hesitant to be on camera & mic, with a world full of critics who could blame them? Given the forum is hosted on a RU server I take it the native language of the builder is Russian. Xenophobic, narcissistic Americans would complain about youtube videos where the audio is in the native language of the video creator. To be fair it could be Brits complaining as well, because often the demand is for English.

  2. Evidently the forum proved popular to read, not available at this time. Nice model, but it would be great to see more bare bones RC aircraft carrying payloads that do some sort of work, even id they are just on more camera. Will someone ever replicate the Curiosity landing?

  3. I’m not impressed, it’s just a watersealed outer body on a quad.

    And having another miniquad try and land on it while it’s flying is also ridiculous as it will destroy both quads.

  4. “Xenophobic, narcissistic Americans would complain about youtube videos where the audio is in the native language of the video creator. To be fair it could be Brits complaining as well, because often the demand is for English.”

    Mmm…who is being xenophobic/racist/(insert whatever PC BS) here?

    1. As an American I can say
      โ€œXenophobic, narcissistic Americans would complain about youtube videos where the audio is in the native language of the video creator. To be fair it could be Brits complaining as well, because often the demand is for English.โ€
      hits the nail on the head I’m not saying we are all like that but we can all agree there are vocal assholes just waiting to exploit any weakness so as to feel better about their own pitiful lives. Cant really speak for the Brits but we got it from some where and human is human.

      1. For every 1 person that complains there is a hundred who are like me and watch the video and add nothing to that conversation. I have found the more of an asshole one is the more vocal they are.

      2. “hits the nail on the head”? How?

        Vocal assholes as you put it are an inherent problem in the internet. You can see them everywhere, including this site (arduino bashers, “I would do this better”, etc)

        I was wondering how disliking music in a tech/hack video turned into “racism/xenophobic” (also, why my reply got pushed here instead of to the person who posted the statement in quotes) Too many of those idiotic “PC police” out there I guess. I rather hear the guy speak in his native language even if I don’t understand it than listen to irrelevant music in the background. And yes, I don’t care if it is the music from the movie.

      3. JB you where PCBSing his argument for using descriptive words regardless of the truth it holds, I was supporting it, he is right foreign language videos are considered a write-off by most Americans once they hear the first foreign word, I know I can get very few of them to watch anything that “just sounds like gobbledygook” to them, I think the non nerds think with their ears a lot more than with their eyes. But hay at least we can all agree that hearing the actual recorded audio is preferred by nerds to poorly edited music.

  5. Well… PC is BS. It goes against the freedom of speech, but whatever floats your boat. I am not PC so I tell them how I see them.
    I agree that some morons out there may bash a video or idea because it is not in their language. Their loss and no one here was bashing the video. He didn’t have to go on a tangent when I said I don’t like music on tech or hack videos. My opinion and it stands regardless of whatever anyone says. Too many people out there that don’t want to grow a thick skin and want everyone to adjust to THEIR view of the world. Poor babies :P

    You see? the beauty of the freedom of speech. My statements don’t have to please everyone. People need to learn that not everyone will agree with their opinions. As long as you keep it civil, no problem!
    I believe Voltaire said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

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