PlayStation gaming on a NOOK Simple Touch

Improvements in processing power really hit home when you see an eBook reader playing PlayStation games. Sure, we’re talking about a system which launched more than 15 years ago (the original PlayStation launched way back in 1995), but this is a $99 device which seems to be playing the games at full speed!

[Sean] wrote in to share the project with us. After rooting the device he installed System 7 (aka Mac OS 7) using Mini vMac for Android. He uses Free PlayStation Emulator (FPSE) to run the games. There is an Android version which provides the touch-screen controls you see above. We figured the graphics would be awful, but the video after the break proves us wrong. Other than being in black and white we think the graphics are fantastic. Just one hack was necessary to make this happen. [Sean] uses NoRefresh to keep the Nook from refreshing the screen which is what causes the film-negative type of flashing after several page turns.

19 thoughts on “PlayStation gaming on a NOOK Simple Touch

    1. I agree. Frame rates are lower than the ideal “full speed” though at that speed it’s playable. Considering that CTR is a racing game.

  1. Does anyone consider it ironic that he’s running an emulator on an emulator and running an Apple OS on an Android OS? Its nice and all, just, well you know, weird.

    1. Yo dawg, I heard you like emulators…

      This is pretty cool though. I had mini vMac on my Nook Color and it was a blast, but I would have to go for some sort of physical controller. I’ve never gotten the hang of touch controls for action and racing games, even when it’s a native Android game.

      1. I’ve never been a fan of touchscreens at all :P

        Once they come up with tactile touchscreens, I’ll be happy, but the current lack of feedback really frustrates me.

    2. What do you mean with “an emulator in an emulator”?

      He’s emulating the PSX on the Android device, not inside the emulated Mac.

  2. I’m wondering what this does for the battery life…probably becomes pretty crappy, still to have the capability is interesting.

  3. One thing one should keep in mind when trying this: The eInk screen isn’t meant to be driven this way, there’s a faint “crackling” sound coming from the screen and the life of the display will be severly limited.

  4. I can’t see this damaging it, my Sony PRS600 does this too and the crackling noise is just the voltage converter.
    E-ink isn’t good at refreshing when cold but if heated up it seems to work fine.

  5. “but this is a $99 device which seems to be playing the games at full speed!”

    Who would spend $99 to play B&W games on a e-reader???

    plenty of color tablets for $100 that can play real hi end games. My Eken T01A was just over $100 shipped and plays nearly anything.

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