Incredible fabrication process makes this Word Clock stand out

From the look of it his is just another Word Clock, right? From the outside maybe. But if you take a look at the build photos this a good example of extreme fabrication.The design uses a five-layer lamination of glass bezel, vinyl lettering, diffuser, mounting plate, and back panel. The mounting and lettering layers were labor intensive, but are also the reason for the gorgeous finished look.

The bezel consists of black adhesive foil applied to the back of the glass faceplate. The letters were cut out using a vinyl cutter, and the lamination process happened in a pool of water. This technique helps to ensure that no fine particles end up between the glass and the foil.

The wooden mounting bracket was ordered from a local kitchen cabinet fabricator. It’s MDF that is 17.7″ and has been edge wrapped in glossy white PVC. Once it arrived, [Muris] started drilling the 248 holes and their counter sinks. This is on the front side of the layer and when sprayed with silver paint the countsinks act as reflectors. On the back side he milled groves to accept PCB strips to host the LEDs as well as the breakout boards that hold the MAX7219 drivers.

Don’t miss the video clip after the break that shows off the final product.


  1. ino says:

    superbe !

  2. Kuy says:

    Superb project and writeup! The attention to detail in drilling and routing that wood back-board is just amazing.

  3. DrB says:

    Gorgeous stuff, great build.

  4. David s says:

    Props for the scrolling marquee. Isn’t that new for word clocks?

  5. Bogdan says:

    It’s …. gorgeous.
    I wish i had all the tools to build one…

  6. cam says:

    Very nice finish.

    When I see these projects I always wonder why not just make a PCB the size of a standard panel and avoid all the wiring.

  7. ST0L24 says:

  8. maalek says:

    the original version from 2010 :

  9. Buggme says:

    and where is the Click here to buy? LOL I do like it

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