Building a Raspi case in true Hackaday fashion

[Ben] needed a case for his Raspberry Pi. Instead of going the usual laser-cut plastic or 3D printed route, he took a path far more familiar to us here at Hackaday. His case is built out of aluminum found in his basement, providing a neat reuse for some old aluminum extrusion he had lying around.

Part one of [Ben]‘s thoroughly documented build goes over the process of acquiring some of this very handy aluminum extrusion. Part two covers a very neat feature of [Ben]‘s scrap of aluminum: because of a pair of internal chamfers, [Ben] was able to mount his Raspi and USB hub to a separate piece of PVC and slide the whole assembly in.

The final assembly included dremeling a piece of aluminum plate for the Raspi and USB hub ports and wiring the whole thing together.

Right now the newly enclosed Raspi is working happily as [Ben]‘s home server. Not exactly the use case a rugged aluminum case would see the best use from, but it looks great all the same.


  1. fartface says:

    Note: the aluminum and sheet metal found in your basement is called “ductwork” and should not be re-used for making project enclosures.

  2. HerrGrammarHimmler says:

    present perfect of “to cut” is “have cut” – not “have cutted”.

  3. ka1axy says:

    Looks like he split a piece of “80/20″ down the middle. ME’s at work love that stuff & make all sorts of things from it.

  4. kajer says:

    Too much clicking… The project should be on ONE PAGE

  5. Chris C. says:

    I’m confused. Did he shorten a leg on his table just to make a case? Did he have a spare leg? How did he get a rectangular box from a square leg? What hardware store does he shop at that has such extrusions? Mine sure don’t.

  6. oliverjenkins says:

    I prefer my version, it’s a bit more compact;

  7. Iw2 says:

    When I read the title, I first imagined a raspi case made out of arduinos… Making it out of some aluminum extrusion that seems to actually be made for a somewhat similar use case is not really my definition of “hackaday fashion” ;)

  8. snurfel says:

    Sure, laser cutting plastic and 3d printing is the absolutely usual route.

  9. Urf says:

    Neat stuff.
    Searching the internet for this kind of extrusion got me nothing.
    What is it called and where would i find it?

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