TV show inspires this smaller Pong paddles hardware hack


When we read “smaller paddles” we immediately thought of the physical controllers that you hold in your hands. But this hack alters the size of the virtual Pong paddles displayed on the TV screen.

We remember quite well the episode of That 70’s Show where Red and Kelso take apart their Pong machine to hack it. The video after the break which [Blues Image] put together shuffles scenes from that episode in with images of his hack. The characters are adamant that the game is too easy and reducing the size of the virtual paddles is the only thing that will make it fun again. After building his own hardware from the original schematics, [Blue Image] figured this challenge was worth a try.

His solution is in the form of two man-in-the-middle boards which insert a way to reroute the pins without altering the main board. One of the chips is used to draw the paddles, the other checks for collisions with the ball. By changing the pin-out the paddles are reduced from fifteen pixels down to seven.

[via Reddit]

7 thoughts on “TV show inspires this smaller Pong paddles hardware hack

  1. This hack almost wouldn’t be complete without someone being called “dumb-ass” by an irritable, balding man. Cue also reference to soldering being the future.

  2. Cool stuff, nice hack :). Somewhat related:

    These guys not only shrink the paddles, but move them closer together. And as an added bonus, they play it on an oscilloscope ;)

  3. get your head out of those damm videogames and get a job…

    and if i ever catch you smoking() again, ill kick ur ass all the way to canada, dumbass!

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