Hackaday Links: February 28th, 2013

Xbox 360 control for a toy heli


[Jason] leveraged the IR control libraries for Arduino to use an Xbox 360 controller to fly his Syma S107G helicopter.

Windows 7 running on Raspberry Pi


Why, oh god why? Well, the guys at Shackspace got their hands on a laser cutter that can only be driven with a Windows program. Their solution was to run Win7 on RPi as a virtual machine.

Twin-servos for your third hand


After growing tired of constantly flipping over the substrate being held with a third hand [Nidal] came up with a better way. He mounted his third hand on two servo motors so that it can be positioned with a joystick.

Depopulating SMD resistors


If you’ve ever tried to remove small surface mount resistors or capacitors with an iron you know it can be tricky. Take a look at the technique that [Scott] uses to remove the components.

Photographing the die of MSP430, Z80, PIC, and several other chips


Here’s the latest work from [Michail] on photographing the die of various chips. You may remember reading his previous post on decapping chips with boiling sulfuric acid.


  1. Frank says:

    “Windows 7 running on Raspberry Pi”

    Link broken?

  2. krakerjak says:

    site is down

  3. ZeroCool says:

    They must be using the Raspberry pi to log into a virtual machine hosted on another computer. That’s like saying you are running windows on your ipad every time you VNC into a host. Don’t get me wrong though! I love the idea of replacing all those thin clients with a tiny pi.

    Maybe I’m just nitpicking :P

  4. geekmaster says:
  5. geekmaster says:
  6. geekmaster says:

    The youtube video still works from the dead web page:

  7. matt says:

    is there a point to that whole raspberrypi project? wouldnt it have been cheaper and easier just to get a old x86 PC?

    • matt says:

      or a point to the 3rd hand project either? i would think it would be quicker to precisely adjust it by hand rather than fiddling with knobs

    • hadez says:

      the point is “because it’s possible” and to a certain part also “because haters gonna hate” ;)

    • asheets says:

      I’ve had situations like this where the controller machine was virtualized with an inadequate USB passthrough. I’ve also had situations where, because of licensing, we couldn’t build another machine and V2P wasn’t working out. I’ve also had situations where the controller machine couldn’t be in the same room as the USB target (once, even, where the controller and USB target were in different states).

      USB over IP on a RasPi is great if the RasPi can handle the traffic. I’ve always been reduced to using an old P3 as the intermediary, but look forward to using a RasPi the next time a need for USB over IP comes up.

  8. David says:

    On removing smd components; heat gun / toaster oven, give the board a whack on the table and they’re all off

  9. mjrippe says:

    Love the scan of the 556 timer! Symmetry and beauty.

  10. mrsayao says:

    The scans of the IC’s are beautiful, but they confuse the hell out of me, Can someone explain how electricity doesn’t jump those tiny gaps and just fry the whole thing? They look like mini logic gates… I’m so awestruck right now I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it…

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