How to build a Tron bar that Daft Punk would hang out at


Sure, the bar in this image looks pretty neat. But the video showing off its synchronization with the music brings it to the next level. The flashing lights and EL wire put on a quite a show that may make the bartenders feel like they’ve already had a few too many.

The most amusing part of the project is that it all started from that half bookcase mounted on the wall. [Alexander Givens] and his roommate decided to augment its usefulness as a liquor cabinet by building a bar around it. But why stop there? LED Strips and 120 feet of elecroluminescent wire give the bar its inner glow. The illuminated lines are obvious, but the LED strip locations may not be. Several of them light the shelves hosting liquor and glass wear. The bartop itself is made of glass, filled with 75 pounds of marbles, and lit from underneath by the rest of the strips.

An Arduino Mega with an EL shield drives the system. The guys built a rudimentary control interface that looks partially spill tolerant. It’s located just under the inside lip of the bar.

Their costumes came out pretty well too. But with a built-in centerpiece like this they may want to upgrade to a more accurate replica.


  1. JayDubzy says:

    That’s sick, I wonder how I can get an invite to one of their house parties…

  2. John says:

    idk… I got a headache just watching that.

  3. squeeks says:

    It looks pretty, but I’m not sure I would manage to last long behind that bar.

  4. Bob Lee says:

    so awesome

  5. Kay says:

    The ambiance is awesome, well done!

  6. Bobby says:

    somebody needs to learn to film video horizontally….

  7. Nova says:

    The ‘more accurate replica’ would actually be more like this:

  8. Vampyredh says:

    That’s enough to give a guy like me a seizure bravo.

  9. David Kuder says:

    PWM with a more subtle 30%/70% instead of full on/full off for the flashing would be easier on the eyes…

  10. bytehead says:

    That GRID logo is pretty reminiscent of the Grid Computer Systems logo.
    I have a couple of their laptops sitting in my bookshelf right now.

  11. SuperNurd says:

    HaD Staff, you really should put an Epilepsy Warning before the video, I would hate for anyone who is at risk to see that while unprepared.

    • Ryoku says:

      I was about to post something similar. for those guys a simple design note would be to pass threw the color to the “house lights” and have the intensity set by something other than music sync. that gave me a headache just watching the video, pardon me while I go find some aspirin =.=

  12. heatgap says:

    That is definitely “sick” but would make me SICK as hell with the flashing lights going dark for 1.2 seconds at a time…you would be bumping into people, spilling shit lol…crazy! It would eventually nauseate me after an hour or drinking in that environment.

  13. Hammy says:


  14. ErinR says:

    have to ask all of your guests if they have epilepsy :P

  15. mike says:

    ouch my eyes

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