Google Glass controlled quadcopter


For some reason this project makes us think of the Dog Pog Grid from Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age. It’s not that there’s a ton of drones floating around this guy, it’s that he’s got one which looks like it’s his bodyguard and is controlled by the Google Glass he wears on his head. The future is now!

We find the metamorphosis of this project interesting as well. It started as a Leap motion controlled rover project. We saw a similar hack just the other day that paired a Leap Motion with a Hexapod. But [Blaine] wasn’t satisfied with that. Having had a taste for alternate control inputs he dug in and got to work making Google Glass the control interface. But the problem with moving your head to control a rover is that you can’t actually see it because looking down would cause unwanted motion. His solution was to transition to a quadcopter, which will hover at eye level when he’s looking right at it. Glass is sending raw sensor data to a server, which does the translation to control commands for the quadcopter.

[Thanks Moheeb]


  1. polytechnick says:

    Hackers of the world, never shoot videos of your [awesome as they are] creations in portrait mode – it’s pretty annoying and wastes screen space

  2. Will says:

    I’ll just leave this here, you can thank me later :)

  3. Tom says:

    If you put a camera on the drone and could have it follow you around from behind and stream that view to your goggles it would be just like playing a video game!

  4. theinein says:

    @Will – that thank you was directed to you.

    Apparently it replied to Tom’s comment.

  5. Valpey says:

    I”d much rather use an i/o device like the MYO ( for control, but Glass for the video feed from the copter.

  6. Whatnot says:

    At this moment when I hear google glass I think ‘prat’.
    Perhaps they’ll manage to do some PR to improve things, later though.

  7. Republicou isso em Julio Della Flora.

  8. King George III says:

    Remind me again. What town in the US passed a law making it legal to shoot down drones? Sounds like fun, geeks versus the NRA.

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