Robots of BarBot 2013


Here’s an amazing conference we really wish we could have been at — Barbot 2013: a celebration of booze serving robotic masterpieces.

Lucky for us though, the folks over at Evil Mad Scientist did have the opportunity to attend — and they took lots of pictures. There is just so much awesome it is hard to pick our favorite barbot, but the one shown above is definitely a contender. It’s the Schrödinger’s Martini. While the box is closed, the amount of vermouth poured is indeterminate until observed. Classic.

Another one that popped out at us was the 500SW, which became more affectionately known as Dance Dance Intoxication, which apparently judged you based on your dancing skills and then poured you a drink — appropriate to your moves.

Click through and see for yourself, but here’s a couple other related posts from our past, remember the Cooler Master Advanced Beer Delivery System? How about the amazing conveyor belt driven, alcohol dispensing Inebriator? There are just so many ways to have fun with the concept it’s hard not to try your hand at building one at home.


  1. Blake says:

    Looks cool. Is this really a “cooking hack”, though?

  2. echodelta says:

    Mixological hacks are closer to cooking than pulling a brew.
    Better to have vermouth in the box than a pussycat.

    • Blake says:

      No argument there. I would just prefer to see a “spirits hack” category or something similar so that I don’t have to wade through actual cooking hacks when I’m looking to creatively feed my alcoholism.

  3. matt says:

    Seems odd that they are using a ice cream dish to hold a drink. I do love uranium glass though.

  4. Building a Barbot can be a serious challenge. I had to learn a lot about food safe materials. plumbing, 2 programming languages and a lot of other stuff to build Brandy’s Bar. This build was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

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