Staff Update and Philanthropy


It is my pleasure to welcome two new members of the Hackaday team. [Kevin Darrah] and [Kristina Panos] both have electronics backgrounds, and following in the tradition of the entire team they are long-time readers of Hackaday. Both are already hard at work. You can learn a bit more about them on the Staff Page.

While I have your attention the writers, editors and I would like to thank our parent company. We frequently refer to them as the “Evil Overlords” (actually, they started it!) but it’s turning out to be a really great relationship. I asked them to make a donation to Wikipedia in Hackaday’s name and they were happy to do so. Not only do we often link to Wikipedia in our articles, our writers use it constantly when researching for posts. Thanks SupplyFrame!


  1. pik says:

    Oh wow. I totally forgot about The Overlords. Will we ever get site integration to more easily source parts for whatever project we are looking at? Seems like a win-win.

    • Mike Szczys says:

      Possibly… we’re still waiting for a site-redesign first. But we had tossed around the idea of automatic part number recognition so that you could automatically pull up a datasheet. There’s something interesting there but I think it’s still quite a ways off.

      • rdasx says:

        Don’t change the site too much. I’ll cut you.

        But seriously, part of what I love about this site is it’s straightforwardness and simplicity. Trying to browse through wired or jalopnik’s mobile sites makes me want to punch all the babies.

        • Marko says:

          for the love of hacks everywhere… DO NOT MAKE IT ANYTHING SIMILAR TO WIRED

          • Mike Szczys says:

            We definitely agree with you guys. There seems to be a trend to fill up a front page with three or more columns packed with stories. But I like to actually read everything on Hackaday so the single-column format works best for me.

            One thing we’re working on is how to present original content so that we can still publish new hacks without burying the content. For instance, Bil Herd’s was not to be missed.

            We can make posts sticky but that seems wonky. If you’ve got a site design idea that solves this I’m all ears!

          • rdasx says:

            Mike, I can’t reply to you directly for some reason, and I don’t have any real design ideas, but as an interim solution I think a half-height photo with the normal title and a one or two line teaser text sticky’d at the top wouldn’t be terribly obtrusive.

  2. Caleb says:

    Welcome to the team. I’m happy the daily amount of post has increased and I’m sure it has something to do with the expansion of the staff. Good luck to you two and may your types be few and far between!

  3. notdave says: in this photo Kristina looks so much like Peggy Olson’s character on the TV series Mad Men (compliment!)!

  4. zuul says:

    nice, i subed to kevin’s youtube early on

  5. Jhillman says:

    Off topic, but that Kevin is really cute.

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