Forget Stopping Bullets – Vest Warms You While Stopping Taser


[Bruce Wayne] [Shenzhen] wanted a garment that would protect him from a jolt, while keeping him toasty in the cold weather. Well that’s not it at all, these are merely two of his projects using the same material in different ways.

We’re going to start with the infrared image on the right. This is a vest with chest and back pieces made of carbon tape totaling two meters of the material swirled on each side. Hook it to a power source and the carbon tape warms the wearer. Portability is something of an issue as each “element” takes 36 W of power (3A at 12V). Click through for advice on how to interface the tape with the power source.

Onto the main event… avoiding electrical shock when you get all up in the grill of that mall cop you’re hated for years. [Shenzhen's] jacket is really just an ordinary long-sleeved coat. But he separated the lining at the bottom seam and used fusible material to hold the carbon tape in place. The carbon tape provides a better conductor than your skin, preventing the shock from stunning you as it was intended. This really is the thing of superheroes, or former editors who should have known better.


  1. fdsa says:

    Lets test it!! A volunteer please :}

  2. tekkieneet says:

    Let’s hope that doesn’t give the cops the excuse to use real bullets as their next available option.

    • acolyte says:

      Amen to that brother.

    • Jack Alope says:

      Nah, what you need to do when wearing the coat is to act like the tazer worked and go all “UHUHIHHUHUHUHUHHHUHHHHHHHH” and then make like you are going down, but just use your momentum to lunge back up at the last second and run like fucking crazy —– the cop or whatever won’t be expecting it and you will get a massive head start and stuff

  3. sparhawk817 says:

    the real question is, how far do tazers penetrate into clothing? would it just jam straight through the carbin tape and into your skin still? (i have no idea how tazers actually operate, for all i know the probe is an electrode in a suctioncup)

    • Bardelby says:

      This should work even if the taser penetrates the skin. Since the carbon is shorting the circuit…

      I’m gonna get me one lol.

    • TacticalNinja says:

      Even for what you know, it’s not right, still. Tazers (or tazer guns) does not use suction cups. It uses metal hooks that actually penetrates and latches on to your skin (or clothing.)

  4. matt says:

    I’d be interesting in seeing a taser tear down. Does anyone know of one which exists?

  5. Figureitout says:

    “Do you even taze bro?”

  6. static says:

    Hell with my luck the taser darts would find one of the gaps between the heating tapes.

  7. Joee says:

    Unfortunately with today’s justice system, I am sure owning a jacket like this could amount to resisting arrest and obstructing justice..

  8. Techartisan says:

    Plenty of good options for DIY ThorShields here

  9. ScottishCaptain says:

    Yeah, that’s a great idea.

    My best friend’s brother is a cop, and we’ve discussed this (and many other hypothetical scenarios) over a beer and BBQ at my place. The general consensus is that cops get REALLY paranoid when a taser fails to take you down. Maybe the weapon failed, maybe you’re wearing your hipster anti-taser armour today, or maybe you’re so strung up on drugs you just didn’t notice and kept on truckin’ like the Kool Aid man. It doesn’t matter, because by then the cop is already unholstering their service pistol and preparing to shoot you for real.

    TLDR; anti-taser armour is a great way to get yourself shot, and possibly killed. “Your honour, he’d already anticipated getting shot with a taser, who knows what else he had planned!”…

    • Pirate Tom says:

      In my experience, being anywhere near a cop is a great way to get yourself shot, and possibly killed.
      (not really bashing on them, I’m just saying, their mistake rate is on the way UP.)

    • Eirinn says:

      Tasers are used instead of possibly lethal force. If the taser doesn’t work, well then.

      • Megol says:

        Sadly not always – they are also used to humiliate people (without any valid reason to be used) and also in cases where other type of force would be more appropriate.
        Also cops aren’t the only ones with tasers…

    • Some Guy says:

      By the time the failure of the Taser has registered in your mind the distance will have been closed and there won’t be time to draw your service weapon, much like how someone holding a knife will probably prevail against someone with a holstered gun if they are 15 feet or less apart when the altercation begins.

      Cattle prods for humans (among other developments) greatly diminish respect for law enforcement in general, in case anyone hadn’t noticed. And while doing that they also greatly increase the public’s fear of law enforcement in general.

      The majority of the public generally feels that they have a low risk of being shot for traffic stops and such but with Tasers there’s a common perception that it’s “open season” on anyone who looks sideways at a cop or hesitates to immediately comply with any order, but that’s not exactly the same as respect and is only making a perceived us/them divide between the public and the police wider. And once that divide gets too wide and the social fabric starts to tear, history shows the police always eventually ending up on the losing side because ultimately the authority of law enforcement rests on the good-faith obedience of the general public, not on batons, Tasers, and guns.

      The public might vote to slash budgets, replace personnel and revoke pensions or it might burn the whole place down LA riot-style; whatever eventually happens will depend on how far the cowboys who like to dress up in jackbooted ninja costumes and herd people like cattle while they wipe their ass with the 4th Amendment (and 5th in the case of the quasi-legal and increasingly popular forced blood draws for suspected DUI) are willing to take it.

  10. fartface says:

    Make an aluminum foil t-shirt and be safe from all tasers. all you need is conductive fibers to be the path of least resistance, Tasers are trivial to defeat.

  11. Paul Kastner says:

    A neighbor of mine was shot and killed by four cops for clipping the leads of a taser. I can speak from experience this is a bad idea. Here:

  12. Problem is that the pig will then merely execute you summarily. You’re kind of trading up in problems here

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