Reflow Oven Controller with Graphic LCD

Reflow Controller

A reflow oven is one of the most useful tools you will ever have, and if you haven’t built one yet, now is as good a time as any. [0xPIT's] Arduino based reflow oven controller with a graphic LCD is one of the nicest reflow controllers we’ve seen.

Having a reflow oven opens up a world of possibilities. All of those impossible to solder surface mount devices are now easier than ever. Built around the Arduino Pro Micro and an Adafruit TFT color LCD, this project is very straight forward. You can either make your own controller PCB, or use [0xPIT's] design. His design is built around two solid state relays, one for the heating elements and one for the convection fan. “The software uses PID control of the heater and fan output for improved temperature stability.” The project write-up is also on github, so be sure to scroll down and take a look at the README.

All you need to do is build any of the laser cutters and pick and place machines that we have featured over the years, and you too can have a complete surface mount assembly line!


  1. Some Jerk says:

    Wow, that looks fantastic!

    Here I am with a toaster oven and a stopwatch. ( ._.)

  2. Tectu says:

    Looks nice, good work!

    Probably an embedded GUI toolkit like uGFX ( would help you to create a nicer GUI.

  3. 0xfred says:

    That looks nicely done. I just in the middle of a reflow build myself using the same LCD. I’m hoping to make it simpler and lower cost by using a MSP430AFE252 to directly measure the thermocouple output and save the need for a MAX31855. Not proven the concept will work yet though. (I’ve got a MAX31855 to check my measurements against, so may just fall back to that.)

    Whilst testing if my oven was up to the job, I actually got surprisingly good results using a cheap eBay thermocouple with LCD display and just turning the oven off manually when it got to the reflow temperature. A very cheap reflow oven controller with meat-based PID control!

  4. Alex says:

    I see that you’ve added some 60Hz support, but what changes do you think would be required to support US/Canada 120VAC? I’m guessing that the relays would have to be changed, since they only either support 100VAC/50Hz or 200VAC/50Hz.

  5. indigaz says:

    This looks like a very nice job. I was wondering, if you were to use the Adafruit MAX31855 breakout board and just have a socket for it to plug in, you could eliminate the surface mount components.
    I’ve been messing around with a project based on an UNO with the breakout board as well and I think I could make this Sketch work with it. I uploaded the .PDE file to my UNO and it loaded OK.

  6. dougm says:

    This is really nice work. I was working on the same thing only in Python driven by a PC so I could keep a library of profiles, but I’ve found that chips are remarkably resilient to variations in the reflow profile, so maybe I’ll just build this one instead.

    Thank you!

  7. georgegraves says:

    Is there a video of the GUI? Thanks!

  8. onebiozz says:

    i just have to comment complementing the creators proper laying out of the PCB!

  9. Awesome Karl! Once I understand more about electronics I am going to build one as well!

  10. avishorp says:

    This is not the first reflow oven I see with a fancy LCD interface, and I must say I don’t really understand the benefit of this approach. I think it would be much better letting a PC handle all the GUI and the oven controller should concentrate on its primary task – keeping the temperature profile as desired.

  11. ratrevenge says:

    0xPIT, do you have a BOM that includes the capacitors that you used?

  12. pit (@0xPIT) says:
  13. dave says:

    Can you please post on you github page the hookup for the display? Also, it is not entirely clear what/how to install the encoder. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. vince says:

    where can i buy the kit so i can hook it up to my udoo?

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